SWEL: hardware cache coherence protocols to map shared data onto shared caches

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Creator Pugsley, Seth H; Spjut, Josef Bo; Nellans, David W; Balasubramonian, Rajeev
Title SWEL: hardware cache coherence protocols to map shared data onto shared caches
Description In chip multiprocessors, replication of cache lines is allowed to reduce the latency each core has to access a cache line. Because of this replication, it is possible for one copy of data to become out of date if another copy of that data is modified. How a MESI protocol accomplishes this: ? Keep a list of sharers for all cache lines ? Invalidate all L1s in the list of sharers on modify (write) request ? Forward read requests to whichever L1 has most recently modified the data As can be seen in the diagrams below, the frequency and degree of data sharing is not very high on average, so MESI might be overprovisioning for this uncommon case. Proposal We propose a new coherence protocol named SWEL (for Shared, Written, Exclusivity Level) that seeks to reduce the frequency and complexity of the operations required to keep the cache coherent in protocols like SWEL. MESI's drawbacks: ? Requires indirection to get up to date data ? Requires serialized sequences of messages to perform point to point invalidations SWEL protocol: ? Limits replication of data to reduce coherence operations (only private and read-only replicated) ? Speculatively assumes all data is read-only or private ? Simple hardware mechanism to detect shared and written state ? Broadcast bus to perform invalidates The RSWEL optimization of this algorithm allows for selective reconstitution of cache blocks so they can be once again cached in L1 after they've been broadcast invalidated, based on some lockout timer N.
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Publisher University of Utah
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Bibliographic Citation Pugsley, S. H., Spjut, J. B., Nellans, D. W., & Balasubramonian, R. (2010). SWEL: hardware cache coherence protocols to map shared data onto shared caches. University of Utah.
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