Perspectives for viewing intellectual development throughout the life course

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Creator Berg, Cynthia A.
Title Perspectives for viewing intellectual development throughout the life course
Date 1992
Description What has one voice and is four-footed, two-footed, and three-footed? The task of characterizing intellectual development throughout the life course can be likened to the situation that faced the Thebans as they tried to solve this riddle of the Sphinx. Oedipus gave the correct answer to this riddle: man, as man is four-footed as a baby, crawling on all limbs, is two-footed during the vast majority of the life-span, and in old age occasionally uses a cane as a third foot. Theorists and researchers of intellectual development, however, have largely addressed the riddle of intellectual development by segregating the life-span into two major periods, those of child development and adult development. This book brings together theorists who focus on these different portions of the life-span in an attempt to illustrate how work on intellectual development can benefit from issues and problems that arise from an examination of how intelligence is formed, is maintained, declines, and improves throughout the course of life. The hope is that by the viewing of intellectual development as occurring in the same organism through time, a deeper look at the consistencies and inconsistencies in the descriptions and explanations of intellectual development will be possible.
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Publisher Cambridge University Press
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Bibliographic Citation Berg, C. A. (1992). Perspectives for viewing intellectual development throughout the life course in R. J. Sternberg & C. A. Berg (Eds.). Intellectual Development, 1-15.
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