A Miracle Operation

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 26
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1994
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Title A Miracle Operation
Description been made by my Grandfather Harmon. My Dad's two sisters, Hattie and Emma, who had never married, lived in an apartment in our house. In late afternoon Aunt Emma took Willis, my two-year-old brother, and me for a walk. She was crying softly as we walked. She [old us that Tom had been shot. She said that we must not let our mother know about it, because she was still ill from [laving the baby. We walked up and down the street, but never went into the house until it was lime to go to bed and [hen on strict instructions, we kissed our mother good night and went upstairs. "As 1 grew older 1 learned what had happened. That afternoon my two older brothers. Harmon sixteen and Tom eleven, were playing cowboys and Indians. Harmon had a twenty-two pistol he had found and Tom had a wooden make-believe gun. They pointed at each other and tried to be first to say, "Bang! You're Dead!" "The Manti Creek, where they were playing, ran through the center of town. The whole sad event took place on the banks of this creek. On Main Street a half block east of the creek was 'The Eagle House.' a hotel owned and operated by our Grandmother Mecham. South of the hotel was 'Dick's Place.' a confectionery owned and operated by our mother's sister and her husband, Fannie and Dick Daly. Tom and Harmon had been shooting at each other all afternoon and having a wonderful time laughing and shouting, "Bang." One 'bang' from Harmon's gun was a real bang and Tom fell! "Harmon was really frightened and he knew he needed help. He carried Tom to the closest place. Aunt Fannie's living rooms behind their store. Tom was laid on a bed and someone went to search for dad. He was in a committee meeting planning the Fourth of July celebration. "The local Doctor was called. When he saw the wound in Tom's abdomen, he shook his head sadly and said, 'All that can be done is to keep him comfortable as possible. 1 can give him something to kill the pain and he can have a drink of water.' Dad's heart sank because [hose words confirmed the dreaded statement that he had heard many times: 'If you warn to kill someone, shoot him in the guts and you've got him for sure.' "He did not give up. These were his sons! With the cooperation of the sympaihetic telephone operator. Dad called every doctor in the surrounding towns. Each have similar answers: 'Nothing to do. just make him as comfortable as possible.' With the transportation available and the graveled roads, it was impossible to get Tom to the nearest hospital in Salt Lake City, one hundred thirty miles north. With hope almost gone, someone said, 'Have 83
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 26
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