Tales My Grandmother Told Me

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Title Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 01
Subject Pioneers
Description Stories and poems about early Southern Utah Pioneers
Publisher Snow College
Date 1969
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Title Tales My Grandmother Told Me
Description came a child's voice and the unmistakable words, "Marian, Oh Marian!" Mother glanced at the clock in the corner shelf. Four o'clock in the morning. What would a child be doing out at this time of night and calling to the near-dead girl? Of all things! She walked toward the door busily. "No, Lucinca. Come back! That's Myrtle! I'd know that voice anywhere," warned Carrie. "Myrtle who?" asked Mother. "Myrtle Larsen! Myrtle Larsen! I'd know that voice anywhere," whispered Carrie. "You're hearing things," consoled Mother, but the hair began to crawl on the back of her neck. She went on, "You know that couldn't be Myrtle. You're tired and jumpy. Come and sit down." She led Carrie to a chair in the corner. The older woman sank down and covered her face with her long apron. "You know," she said, "I always knew I wouldn't have Marian very long. I'm really too old to have a child that age anyway. Here I am with seven grand-children and only that little one at home. I've just known I couldn't keep her long. She's so fragile and small, why like as not, first big breeze might blow her away from me." "Now, Carrie," sympathized Mother, "of course she's fragile but she'll be all right if we can just get her over this sickness." "No," answered Carrie, "this is the time and that voice we heard calling to her was Myrtle. You know what dear friends those two are and now with both of them having the fever-" Her voice trailed off and once again the childish cry, "Marian" echoed through their hearts. Mother stepped to the window and her hand flew to her heart. Coming up the path between the lilac bushes was a column of children, boys and girls, and each held in his hand a lighted candle. They seemed to float through the pre-dawn darkness up to the steps and silently through the screened door. Myrtle Larsen in a rumpled nightgown headed the procession with two candle in her hands. One was lighted, the other, new and unused. In clear tones she said, "I have a candle and I need a light for Marian." She walked toward the bedroom doorway and Mother could see her bending over the bed trying to light one candle from another. Carrie sat in stunned 13
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Source Saga of the Sanpitch Vol 1
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