Journal of Law and Family Studies Volume 03-04

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Title Journal of Law and Family Studies Volume 03-04
Creator Becker, Paula Alexander; Hunter, Richard J.; Brotherson, Sean E.; Teichert, Jeffery B.; Duncan, William C.; Densley, Steven T.; Kelson, Stephen; Wardle, Lynn D.; Bahr, Stephen J.; Brinig, Margaret F.; Carbone, June; Coolidge, David Orgon; Forste, Renata; Kohm, Lynne Marie; Parkman, Allen M.; Szaj, Christine M.; Woodhouse, Barbara Bennett; Whitehead, Roy Jr.; Block, Walter; Swank, Drew A.; Mahaffey, George S. Jr.; Moye, Jim; Osofsky, Jocelyn J.; Shuman, Jon; Zenger, Jamie; Hall, Matthew R.; Hewitt, Lisa M.; Larsen, Thomas R.; Archer, Charles P.; Donaldson, Peter H.; Krauser, Shane Fenton; Miya, Stephanie Kuuipo; Fields, Richard R.; Martinez, Andrea T.; Infanger, Bryn T.; Gunnerson, Spencer H.; Sundwall, David H.; Wolfson, David; Ewing, Julie; Ortega, Cristina; Schell, Melanie N. Bury; Kittrell, Mark; Gustavson, Eric; Schriever, Heather J.; Spanier, Joseph
Subject Supreme courts; Marriage; Marriage customs and rites; Abuse, sexual; Family law; Child abuse; marriage contracts; Same-sex marriage; Domestic violence; Wrongful death; Spouses -- Legal Status; marriage records; Remarriage; Grandparent and child; Conjoined twins; Paternitiy; sex crimes; Child protective services; Social science research; Law reform; Domestic relations; Property; Divorce settlements; Custody of children; Children; Fatherhood; Adoption; Clergy; Malpractice; Religion; Public schools; Child support; Litigation; Actions and defenses; Inre
Description Table of Contents: Constitutional Cases and Controversies of the United States Supreme Court 2000 Term; Value of the Law in Shaping Social Perspectives on Marriage; "Don't Ever Take A Fence Down": The "Functional" Definition of Family -- Displacing Marriage in Family Law; Admissibility of Evidence that a Spouse has Remarried in a Wrongful Death Action in Utah; The Doctrine of Interspousal Immunity: Does it Still Exist in Utah; Introduction to the Symposium; Social Science Research on Family Dissolution: What It Shows and How It Might be of Interest to Family Law Reformers; Domestic Partnership: Missing the Target?; The Futility of Coherence:The ALI's Principles of the Law of Family Dissolution, Compensatory Spousal Payments; Widening the Lens: Chapter 6 of the ALI Principles: Hawaii and Vermont; Prelude to Marriage or Alternative to Marriage? A Social Demographic Look Cohabitation in the U.S.; How Will the Proliferation and Recognition of Domestic Partnerships Affect Marriage; Property Settlements as the Cornerstone of Financial Arrangements at Divorce; The Fine Art of Listening: Children's Voices in Custody Proceedings; Horton Looks at the ALI Principles; Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace: A Property Rights Perspective; Das Boot! A National Survey of Booting Programs' Impact on Child Support Compliance; Role Duality and the Issue of Immunity for the Guardian Ad Litem in the District of Columbia; City Hall Can be Beaten: Litigation Strategies for Child and Family Advocates Under the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997; Case Notes: Baker v. State: Is America Moving Towards Allowing Same Sex Marriages?; United States v. Playboy Entertainment Group: Protecting Children or Regulatory Overkill; Estate of Macias v. Ihde: Do Police Officers Have a Duty to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence; Troxel v. Granville: The End of Grandparent Visitation; United States v. Morrisoon: Constitutional Limits on Federal Authority to Remedy Gender-Based Violent Crime; Gonzalez v. Reno: A Boy Caught in a Political Maelstrom; A (Children): Conjoined Twins and Their Medical Treatment; In re Adoption of B.B.D. an Unwed Fathers Constitutional Right: Existence of Paternal Rights in the Face of Inconvenient Duty; In re Adoption of A.B. The Best Interests of the Child; In re W.A.T. and the State of Adoption in Utah; Franco v. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: The Constitutionality of Clergy Malpractice Claims; Good News Club v. Milford Central School: Can Religion Mix with Public Schools; City of Los Angeles v. Alameda Books Inc.: Will the Supreme Court Allow the Ninth Circuit's Anomaly in Case Law; The Perruche Case; In Re Adoption of B.V.: Setting Forth the Proper Application of Utah's Adoption Statute While Failing the Child Yet Again; Book Notes: From Contract to Covenant: Beyond the Law and Economics of the Family; Unspeakable Acts: Why Men Sexually Abuse Children; The War Against Boys: Justified Retribution; The Future of Child Protection: How to Break the Cycles of Abuse and Neglect; Superpredators: The Demonization of Our Child by the Law; Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation; Redefining Fatherhood; The Custody Wars: Why Children are Losing the Legal Battle and What We Can Do About It; Love on Trial: An American Scandal in Black and White; Pitiful Plaintiffs: Child Welfare Litigation and the Federal Courts; Who Count as Persons? Human Identity and the Ethics of Killing; Family Mediation: Facts, Myths and Future Prospects; Statute Note: The Legal Immigration Family Equity Act and Immigration and Naturalization Service Implementation
Publisher S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah
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Identifier Journal of Law and Family Studies Volume 03-04
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