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1 Letter from Walter F. Dickens to Commissioner of Indian Affairs March 9, 1928uaida_mainText
2 Letter to Sec. of Interior from Commissioner Dec. 1, 1926uaida_mainText
3 Memo to Sec. of Interior from Commissioner Nov. 29, 1926uaida_mainText
4 Letter to James Burke Comm of Indian Affairs from Sen. Reed Smootuaida_mainText
5 Letter to Superintendent A. H. Kneale from E. E. McKean, Superintendentuaida_mainText
6 Letter to McKean from E. B. Meritt March 22, 1926uaida_mainText
7 Letter to Commissioner Of Indian Affairs from E.E. McKean March 10, 1926uaida_mainText
8 Letter to E.Z. Black from E.E. McKean Feb. 10, 1926uaida_mainText
9 Letter to Stacher from L.B. Cutting Agent in Charge Nov. 3, 1938uaida_mainText
10 Memo regarding Utes of Allen Canyonuaida_mainText
11 Telegram from Burke, Commissioner to McKeanuaida_mainText
12 From Burke, Commissioner to Gen. H.L. Scott March 22, 1923uaida_mainText
13 From Herbert Welsh to Burke March 22, 1923uaida_mainText
14 Telegram to Indian Office March 25, 1923uaida_mainText
15 From Burke to Geo. B. Lockwood March 29, 1923uaida_mainText
16 From Hubert Work to Herbert Welsh March 28, 1923uaida_mainText
17 Telegram from Burke to McKean March 26, 1923uaida_mainText
18 Telegram from William King to Hubert Works April 10, 1923uaida_mainText
19 From Sec. Hubert Work to Harry Armstrong April 13, 1923uaida_mainText
20 From E.B. Meritt, Acting Commissioner to Superintendent McKean April 17, 1923uaida_mainText
21 From E.B. Meritt, Acting Commissioner to Senator Reed Smoot April 17, 1923uaida_mainText
22 From E.B. Meritt, Acting Commissioner to Senator William King April 18, 1923uaida_mainText
23 From E. B. Meritt, Acting Commissioner to Don Colton April 18, 1923uaida_mainText
24 Telegram from Superindendent McKean to Indian Office April 19, 1923uaida_mainText
25 Telegram from Ray Ward, Marshall to Attorney General April 24, 1923uaida_mainText
1 - 25 of 120