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1 "A History of Utah's American Indian" Chapter 7 - The Navajos of UtahText
2 "A History of Utah's American Indians" - IntroductionText
3 "Ashley Navajo" or Haakeh Nezin, "Mustache Boy" or Daaghaa Tso Biye', Hastiin Toh Tizhini Bitsi' (Navajo) (1/28/61)1961-01-28Text
4 "Ashley Navajo" or Haakeh Nezin, "Mustache Boy" or Daaghaa Tso Biye', Hastiin Toh Tizhini Bitsi' (Navajo) (1/28/61)2009-01-28Text
5 "Here and There Notes" from St. Christopher's Mission, 19461946Text
6 "The Three Wise Men" sitting on horses. Two of the horses have tinsel on the horses' reins.Image/StillImage
7 165. (N-M.1). Sheep, Navajo reservation, 19091909Image/StillImage
8 166. (G-114). Wild horses, Little Colorado Valley, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
9 167. (N-M.2). Sheep Dip, Ganado, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
10 168. (G-115). Store, Indian Wells (Biddehoche), Ariz. 19091909Image/StillImage
11 169. (G-116). Hubbell's Old Store, Ganado, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
12 170. (N-M.3). Hubbell's New Store, Ganado, Arizona. Wagon loaded with wool. 19091909Image/StillImage
13 171. (N-M.4). Sheep and goats, Navajo Reservation, Arizona. 19091909Image/StillImage
14 172. (N-M.5). Lunch camp, Coyote Wash, Arizona. Ham & E.H.G. 19091909Image/StillImage
15 173. (N-M.6). Vegetation, Lower Oraibi Wash, Arizona 19091909Image/StillImage
16 174. Sheep, Ganado, Arizona, Schwemberger, photoImage/StillImage
17 175. Freighting in winter between Gallup and St.Michaels, Arizona. Schwemberger, photoImage/StillImage
18 176. Freighting near St.Michaels. Schwemberger, photoImage/StillImage
19 177. Sheep at Water Hole, Burro Spgs. Arizona. M.R.Campbell, photo. U.S.G.S.Image/StillImage
20 178. Sheep dip, Navajo reservation Arizona. Schwemberger, photoImage/StillImage
21 180.Sheep, Little Colorado River, Arizona. Stephen Janus, photoImage/StillImage
22 181. Sheep and goats, near Tuba, Arizona Stephen Janus, photoImage/StillImage
23 182. Driving well point. Navajo reservation, Arizona. Schwemberger, photoImage/StillImage
24 183. Typical vegetation, Monument Pass, Utah S.M. Young, photoImage/StillImage
25 184. (G-117). Indian freight team, Navajo reserveration, Arizona. 19091909Image/StillImage
1 - 25 of 3,177