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1 Paraplegia ResearchResearch on paraplegia.Snyder, Clifford C., M.D.Plastic Surgery; Pathological Conditions, Signs and Symptoms; Paralysis; Paraplegia; Spinal Cord Injuries; Hypogastric Plexus; Wound Closure Techniques; Spinal Cord Regeneration; Nerve Regeneration; Nerve to Skin Suture; Suture a Distence; Double Nerve Flap; Photographs; Outlines
2 ResearchMiscellaneous research and pathologies.Snyder, Clifford C., M.D.Plastic Surgery; Reconstructive Surgical Procedures; Surgical Research; Biomedical Research; Wound Closure Techniques; Photographs
3 Research Paraplegia Snyder's MonosutureBreast augmentation.Snyder, Clifford C., M.D.Reconstructive Surgical Procedures; Mammaplasty; Prosthesis Implantation; Breast Implantation; Photography
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