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1 Kennerdell_case06_acdo_ppAcute congestive dysthyroid orbitopathy (Kennerdell Case 6, PPT)This 52-year-old man demonstrates the appearance of acute congestive dysthyroid orbitopathy with lid splinting, lid erythema, conjunctival prolapse and inability to move the eyes. His visual acuity was disturbed by the severe congestion and obstruction of his view by his conjunctiva and lids.Thyroid associated opthalmopathy; Dysthyroid orbitopathy; Orbit; Erythema; Prolapse; Blepharoptosis; Ptosis; Ultrasonography; Radiotherapy; Orbital Ultrasound; Thyroid Orbitopathy
2 Kennerdell_case24_accolg.pptAdenoid cystic carcinoma of lacrimal gland (Kennerdell Case 24, PPT)A 20-year-old man presented with progressive painful right proptosis without functional deficit.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Carcinoma, Adenoid cystic; Lacrimal gland; Lacrimal apparatus; Orbit; Ultrasonography; X-ray Computed Tomography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Orbital osteotomy; Microsurgery
3 Kennerdell_case26_ccf.pptCarotid-cavernous fistula (Kennerdell Case 26, PPT)A 58-year-old woman presented with a two week history of left proptosis, visual disturbance and erythema and edema of the left upper lid. She was found to have dilated aterialized conjunctival veins and an elevated intraocular pressure at 35 in the left eye.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Erythema; Edema; Entire superior ophthalmic vein; Eyelid; Carotid-cavernous sinus fistula; Ultrasonography; Repair of carotid-cavernous fistula by injection procedure; Orbital Ultrasound; Orbital Manifestations of Dural Fistulas; Carotid Cavernous Fistulas
4 Kennerdell_case35_ec.pptEpidermal cyst (Kennerdell Case 35, PPT)A 52-year-old woman who presented with proptosis of the left eye for approximately one year without discomfort and no visual loss.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Orbit; Epidermal cyst; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Microsurgery
5 Kennerdell_case28_lgpa.pptLacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma (Kennerdell Case 28, PPT)A 34-year-old woman who presented with a one year history of a bulging right eye without pain or vision loss.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Adenoma, Pleomorphic; Lacrimal gland; Lacrimal apparatus; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Microsurgery
6 Kennerdell_case23_lgpa.pptLacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma (Kennerdell case 23, PPT)A 32-year-old woman referred with progressive right proptosis for at least one year duration. Referral was delayed by a pregnancy.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Lacrimal gland; Lacrimal apparatus; Adenoma, Pleomorphic; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Microsurgery
7 Kennerdell_case18_pal.pptLymphangioma (Kennerdell Case 18, PPT)18-year-old man with painful 3 mm right proptosis for 24 hours.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Lymphangioma; Orbit; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Decompression, Surgical
8 Kennerdell_case22_l.pptLymphoma (Kennerdell Case 22, PPT)A 67-year-old man presented with a painless right proptosis and partial ptosis of three months duration.Blepharoptosis; Ptosis; Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Lymphoma; Orbit; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Radiotherapy; Orbital Lymphoma; Neoplasm/Infiltration
9 Kennerdell_case36_mfh.pptMalignant fibrous histiocytoma (Kennerdell Case 36, PPT)A 52-year-old man who was referred with an eight month history of decreasing vision in the right eye. Visual acuity in the right eye was 20/20- and the left eye 20/20. He had an enlarged blind spot on right visual field testing and a 3 mm right proptosis.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Orbit; Histiocytoma, Malignant Fibrous; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Microsurgery
10 Kennerdell_case38_ma.pptMetastatic Mucinous Adenocarcinoma (Kennerdell Case 38, PPT)Patient presented with painful left proptosis with a blind downward displaced eye for two weeks. He had a known history of gastric carcinoma with a gastric partial resection.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Orbit; Adenocarcinoma, Mucinous; Metastatic; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Microsurgery; Biopsy, Needle, Metastatic, Metastasis
11 Kennerdell_case64_papflProptosis and ptosis from lymphoma (Kennerdell Case 64, PPT)An 84-year-old woman was referred with a one-year history of left proptosis and ptosis. The upper lid had partially impaired vision. She was in good general health without evidence of a tumor elsewhere.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Blepharoptosis; Ptosis; Lymphoma; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Radiotherapy
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