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1 Kennerdell_case49_ifawfb.pptInflammation from a wooden foreign body (Kennerdell Case 49, PPT)Patient had a wooden foreign body enter his right orbit laterally and inferiorly.Conjuctiva; Orbit; Inflammation; Trauma; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Radiotherapy
2 Kennerdell_case54_ifow.pptInflammation from orbital wound (Kennerdell Case 54, PPT)A young child with a swollen upper lid and an entrance wound of the tip of a pencil thrust into her superior right orbit by a playmate.Orbit; Inflammation; Trauma; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Incision
3 Kennerdell_case55_pwfaa.pptPuncture wound from automobile accident (Kennerdell Case 55, PPT)A middle-aged man was referred from an emergency room with a tie rod from an automobile thrust into the superior left orbit. The rod was left in position until the location of penetration could be determined.Orbit; Cranial Fossa, Anterior; Trauma; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Microsurgery
4 Kennerdell_case50_rfmfb.pptRetinitis sclopetaria from metal foreign body (Kennerdell Case 50, PPT)A young man was referred with a metal chip that entered his left orbit superomedially from hammering a nail.Retina; Eye; Retinitis sclopetaria; Trauma; Tomography, X-ray Computed
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