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1 Acute recurrent orbital myositis.1983-03ehsl_novel_jnoText
2 Bilateral Orbital Inflammation in a Childehsl_novel_fbwText
3 Complete Ophthalmoplegia in Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus: A Case Report and Insights from the Literature2009-02-24ehsl_novel_namText
4 Diagnosis of Congenital and Acquired Hyperdeviation: What Are the Rules?ehsl_novel_namText
5 Eye Pain: An Ophthalmic Perspective2014-03-06ehsl_novel_namText
6 Eye Pain: An Ophthalmic Perspective2014-03-06ehsl_novel_namText
7 Inflammatory Myopathies2005ehsl_novel_novelText
8 Intermittent Esotrophia Associated with Rippling Muscle Disease1995-09ehsl_novel_jnoText
9 Isolated Medial Rectus Myositis Presenting as a Sixth Nerve Palsy1985-03-07ehsl_novel_namText
10 Neuro-Ophthalmic Imaging-CT Scanehsl_novel_aao_nanosImage
11 Neuro-Ophthalmic Imaging-CT Scanehsl_novel_aao_nanosImage
12 Orbital Inflammatory Syndrome2005ehsl_novel_novelText
13 Orbital Myositis1977-02-18ehsl_novel_fbwText
14 Orbital and Systemic Myositis1995-04-09ehsl_novel_fbwText
15 Orbital and cavernous sinus involvement by herpes zoster ophthalmicusehsl_novel_eecText
16 Orbital myositis (Kennerdell Case 42, PPT)ehsl_novel_jskImage
17 Orbital myositis.1983-03ehsl_novel_jnoText
18 Recurrent Orbital Pain with Enlargement of the Lateral Rectus on CT Scan1983-02-25ehsl_novel_fbwText
19 Sarcoidosis2005ehsl_novel_novelText
20 Serological and Radiological Conversion in Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy1999-03-15ehsl_novel_namText
21 Temporal Arteritis with an Orbital Mass1985-03-08ehsl_novel_namText
22 The "Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome" Revisited1983-02-25ehsl_novel_fbwText
23 The Spectrum of Idiopathic Orbital Myositis: Clinical and Echographic Findingsehsl_novel_namText
24 Walsh & Hoyt: Idiopathic Myositis2005ehsl_novel_novelText
25 Walsh & Hoyt: Infective Myositis2005ehsl_novel_novelText
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