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1 3-653-65 - Shunt Vessels (Glaucoma)Chronic end-stage glaucoma produces high pressure that interferes with venous drainage from the disc and broad smooth venous collaterals drain the disc centrifugally to the disc margin where they drain.Shunt Vessels (Glaucoma)
2 Glaucoma the basics.pdfGlaucoma: the basicsGlaucoma is the most common optic neuropathy. Progressive cupping of the optic disc due to increased intraocular pressure together with visual field abnormalities and local disc susceptibility factors characterize this neuropathy. This PowerPoint lecture covers the basics of Glaucoma and includes ma...Glaucoma; Optic Neuropathy
3 glaucoma notchingNotching of the Neuro-retinal RimThe neuro-retinal rim becomes thinner; in particular the rim superotemporally and inferortemporally may develop a notch which is usually superior or inferior and rarely nasal or temporal. These notches are believed to be due to focal ischemic damage to the neuro-retinal rim. Glaucoma with Notching a...Glaucoma
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