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1 Kennerdell_case56_caaefdo.pptCorneal abrasions and exophthalmos from dysthyroid orbitopathy (Kennerdell Case 56, PPT)A 15-year-old boy was referred from another institution because of recurrent corneal abrasions suffered due to unusual marked exophthalmos from dysthyroid orbitopathy. Inadequate decompressions were performed at another institution. Virtually no bone was removed. No functional deficit except for...Corneal abrasion; Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Thyroid associated opthalmopathy; Dysthyroid orbitopathy; Three wall orbital decompression; Cornea; Orbit; Tomography, X-ray Computed
2 Kennerdell_case58_doae.pptDysthyroid Orbitopathy and Esotropia (Kennerdell Case 58, PPT)A 44-year-old woman with known thyroid disease was referred with acute swelling of the orbital tissues and loss of vision. Her visual acuity was 20/50 in the right eye and 20/40 in the left eye.Orbit; Orbital disc; Entire inferior rectus; Thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy; Dysthyroid orbitopathy; Esotropia; Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Decompression, Surgical; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Excision; Radiotherapy; Steroid therapy; Thyroid Orbitopathy; Restriction Syndromes; Thyroid Eye Disease; B...
3 Kennerdell_case60_doonae.pptDysthyroid orbitopathy, optic neuropathy and esotropia (Kennerdell Case 60, PPT)A 51-year-old woman referred with thyroid disease and consistent dysthyroid orbitopathy with optic neuropathy despite treatment with steroids, radiation and an inadequate anterior, medial and inferior decompression. Minimal proptosis, but continued compression of the optic nerves with visual loss.Thyroid associated ophthalmopathy; Dysthyroid orbitopathy; Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Esotropia; Optic nerve diseases; Disorder of the optic nerve; Decompression, Surgical
4 Kennerdell_case14_erfos.pptEyelid retraction following orbital surgery (Kennerdell Case 14, PPT)Graves Ophthalmopathy; Diplopia; Hypertropia; Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Retraction of eyelid; Inferior rectus muscle structure; Tarsal plate; Eyelid; Decompression, Surgical; Lid Retraction
5 Kennerdell_case59_fwodfp.pptFour wall orbital decompression for proptosis (Kennerdell Case 59, PPT)Patient with thyroid disease developed a chronic aggressive proptosis over a one year period. Hertel measurements were 30 in both eyes with a base of 102.Thyroid associated ophthalmopathy; Dysthyroid orbitopathy; Proptosis; Exophthalmus; Orbit; Decompression, Surgical; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Thyroid Orbitopathy; Orbital Decompression
6 Kennerdell_case18_pal.pptLymphangioma (Kennerdell Case 18, PPT)18-year-old man with painful 3 mm right proptosis for 24 hours.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Lymphangioma; Orbit; Ultrasonography; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Decompression, Surgical
7 Kennerdell_case47_pamfdo.pptProptosis and myopathy from dysthyroid orbitopathy (Kennerdell Case 47, PPT)A 48-year-old man was referred with marked proptosis in both eyes measuring approximately 27 mm by Hertel exophthalmometer. He also had severe myopathy with a left eye displaced nasally and superiorly. As a result he had inability to abduct and depress the left eye.Myopathy; Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Orbit; Thyroid associated ophthalmopathy; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Decompression, Surgical
8 Kennerdell_case62_pfm.pptProptosis from meningioma (Kennerdell Case 62, PPT)A 48-year-old woman with a painless proptosis of the left eye without functional deficits.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Meningioma; Orbital osteotomy; Orbit; Calvarium; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Decompression, Surgical; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Sphenoid Wing Meningioma
9 Kennerdell_case48_sdo.pptSevere dysthyroid orbitopathy (Kennerdell Case 48, PPT)A 50-year-old woman referred with severe exophthalmos from dysthyroid orbitopathy. Her complaints were recurrent corneal abrasion from chronic exposure and depression resulting from the marked exophthalmos.Proptosis; Exophthalmos; Orbit; Thyroid associated ophthalmopathy; Tomography, X-ray Computed; Decompression, Surgical; Dysthyroid Orbitopathy
10 Kennerdell_case12_uonsm.pptUnusual optic nerve sheath meningioma (Kennerdell Case 12, PPT)39-year-old female with 6 year history of blurred vision, Darkening of vision in eccentric gaze, dark lines in vision.Scotoma; Meningioma; Decompression, Surgical
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