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1 1-6Aberrant Regeneration of Third Nerve, Bilaterally (1 degree OD, 2 Digrees OS)Example of patient with bilateral aberrancy of the third nerve. Shows lids popping up (synkinetic) with adduction. Patient had bilateral internal carotid artery aneurisms with third nerve compression.Bilateral Aberrant Regeneration of Third Nerve; Third nerve dysfunction
2 NOVEL_Moran_2-19Aberrant Regeneration of the LidPatient with left third nerve palsy demonstrates anisocoria and mild vertical gaze limitation and aberrant movement of the left upper lid. Patient is instructed through all gaze positions. Left upper lid does not descend during downgaze but retracts instead.Third Nerve Palsy; Aberrant Regeneration of Third Nerve; Aberrant Reinnervation of Third Nerve
3 NOVEL_Moran_2-28Aberrant Regeneration of the ThirdPatient with a right third nerve palsy demonstrates ptosis, anisocoria and ophthalmoplegia. During attempted downgaze, the right upper lid flutters back up (aberrant movement) and remains retracted.Third Nerve Palsy; Aberrant Regeneration
4 1-7Aberrant Regeneration of the Third and Sixth NervesAberrant Regeneration; Third and Sixth Nerves; Third Nerve Palsy
5 Figure-15Aberrant regeneration of the right pupilAberrant regeneration of the right pupil in a man with a large intracavernous sinus meningioma causing a pupil-involving, incomplete third cranial nerve palsy. His pupil is round when he gazes straight ahead (top). When he tries to rotate the eye medially, the pupil constricts, but a segment of the ...Pupil Disorders; Aberrant Regeneration; Third Nerve Palsy
6 1-11Duane's Syndrome Type 2: Aberrant Regeneration of the Third and Sixth NervesExample of a patient with Type 2 Duaneā€™s Syndrome. Demonstrates limitation of adduction in left eye with normal abduction. Discussion of limited pathological cases.Aberrant Regeneration of the Third and Sixth Nerves; Duane's Syndrome
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