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1 Personal Enrichment in Later Life Through the Creative Learning ExperienceTolman, Kim Allen2013From the day we are born, our minds and bodies and spirits begin to absorb information from the world around us. We see, touch, taste, smell and hear new things every day, all of which serve to educate us and enrich our lives. We spend the majority of our first two decades of life in a formal school...Aged; Retirement; Learning; Life Change Events; Self Concept; Personal Satisfaction; Personal Autonomy; Recreation; Creativity; Hobbies; Art; Literature; Drama; Aging Populations, Lifelong Learning; Optimal Aging Elder Quest
2 Working Toward Strategies to Include Geriatric Professionals in the Health Care of Older Adults Living in Utah: The Need to Serve a Growing Aging PopulationWilliams, Michelle Ferry2013The population of America is aging. 72 million baby boomers will be 65 years and older by the year 2030. The population of Utah is also aging. In the next quarter century, Utah's aging community will increase 165%, resulting in 480,000 older adults by 2030 (Collins & Cox, 2010). Both the United Stat...Health Services Needs and Demand; Health Services for the Aged; Demography; Population Characteristics; Rural Population; Caregivers; Patient Care Team; Health Manpower; Geriatrics; Physicians, Primary Care; Rural Health Services; Medically Underserved Area; Physician Incentive Plans; Mentors; Inter...
3 As Demography and Disease Converge: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders, A Proposal for a College-Level Interdisclinary CourseMadsen, Nancy L.2013The purpose of this project is to create a college-level interdisciplinary course designed to present an overview of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. Disease pathology, stigmas and attitudes, social policy issues, health care, legal considerations, and current research will be examined. Op...Alzheimer Disease; Dementia; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Cognition Disorders; Memory Disorders; Empathy; Interdisciplinary Studies; Teaching; Aging; Health Services for the Aged; Ageism; Demography; Advance Directives; Public Policy; Social Stigma; Geriatrics; Education, Professional; Competency-Base...
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