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1 A Strategy for Ameliorating Loneliness in Assisted Living Residents: A Prototype for an Intergenerational Internship and Aging Seminar Program for High School StudentsStagnaro, Karen Marie2011Why is the incidence of depression in skilled nursing facilities so exceedingly high? Can we alter the destiny of those moving up the line, ready, but not willing, to take their place in institutionalized care? By re-tracing our steps along the path to the present we may be able to recognize how we ...Loneliness; Depression; Internet; Social Media; Education; Computer Literacy; Consumer Health Information; Social Support; Quality of Life; Activities of Daily Living; Intergenerational Relations; Empathy; Adolescent; Aged; Curriculum; Inservice Training; Assisted Living Facilities; Skilled Nursing ...
2 Positively Happy: Fostering Life Satisfaction Through a Five Session WorkshopHoenig, Kathleen J.2011The physical and psychological aspects of aging impact quality of life and often present challenges to living a healthy, happy life. Studies have shown that humor, happiness, and positive attitude influence quality of life. An initial inquiry via email was sent to personnel at Salt Lake County senio...Personal Satisfaction; Activities of Daily Living; Quality of Life; Attitude to Health; Socialization; Motivation; Humor; Happiness; Laughter; Loneliness; Fear; Reinforcement (Psychology); Life Style; Self Care; Self Efficacy; Aging Populations; Life Satisfaction; Well-Being; Optimal Aging
3 A Course on Spirituality and Aging in the 21st Century: Development and DesignTaking a Life-Span ApproachMadsen, Lori2011Gerontologists and gerontology educators provide important work on behalf of the needs of our aging population. Teaching and research in the field continues to move forward. Familiar terms have been coined to describe the positive components of aging- among them include 'healthy aging', 'optimal agi...Aging; Religion; Spirituality; Quality of Life; Adaptation, Psychological; Object Attachment; Education, Professional; Curriculum; Gerontology; Aging Populations; Spirituality and Aging; Optimal Aging; Life Course
4 The Development of an Instructional Resource for Community Centers In Aiding Older Korean Americans Applying for Government ServicesKim, Eunhee2011There is an ever-increasing number of older Korean Americans who are living below the poverty level in the United States. Studies show a very small percentage of this population actually makes use of the government services of Medicaid, food stamps, or housing assistance for which they are eligible....Emigrants and Immigrants; Asian Americans; Ethnic Groups; Self-Help Groups; Government Programs; Communication Barriers; Family Health; Health Services Accessibility; Consumer Health Information; Information Literacy; Self Efficacy; Self Concept; Cultural Deprivation; Social Isolation; Poverty; Food...
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