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1 A Practical Guide to Assist Long-Term Care Managers Retaining Quality Nursing PersonnelSorenson, Tim R.2000The purpose of this project is to provide a practical guide for managers in long-term care settings to retain nursing staff. Staffing issues are probably the most important matters concerning maintaining quality care in long-term care settings today. In the present health care environment, issues su...Long-Term Care; Nursing Staff; Nurse Administrators; Nurses' Aides; Education, Professional, Retraining; Job Satisfaction; Morale; Skilled Nursing Facilities; Motivation; Personnel Selection; Quality of Health Care; Personnel Turnover; Stress, Psychological; Salaries and Fringe Benefits; Aging Popul...
2 The Development of an Educational and Decision Making Aide for Consumers of Long-Term CareDietz, William Morgan2000The goal of this research project was to develop an educational and decision making aide for consumers of long-term care services, (e.g., skilled nursing facilities or assisted living facilities). The educational and decision making aide is specifically designed to assist individuals in careprovidin...Assisted Living Facilities; Skilled Nursing Facilities; Long-Term Care; Caregivers; Delivery of Health Care; Decision Making; Consumer Health Information; Education, Nursing; Patient Education as Topic; Consumer Health Information; Information Dissemination; Aging Populations
3 Corporations and Eldercare: A Survey of Available Programs and Services in Salt Lake CountyHaynes, Kathleen Verity200022.4 million households in the U.S. provide care for an older or disabled person. One-third to one-half of these people also have full-time jobs. 12% o f this group must give up their jobs to become full-time caregivers. Fortunately the enormous cost of caregiving for both the employed caregiver and...Caregivers; Data Collection; Workload; Occupational Health; Health Services Accessibility; Health Services for the Aged; Social Support; Long-Term Care; Insurance, Long-Term Care; Residence Characteristics; Retirement; Aging Populations; Eldercare Assistance; Work Arrangements; Employee Caregiver
4 Effectiveness of Validation Therapy in Promoting More Positive Caregiving ExperiencesBuckner, Darrin L.2000The overall purpose of this project was to test the effectiveness of a very promising communication strategy for family caregivers to use in their interactions with disoriented loved ones. The strategy, Validation Therapy, created by Naomi Feil, is a communication technique designed primarily to use...Caregivers; Validation Studies; Affect; Alzheimer Disease; Dementia; Memory Disorders; Mentally Disabled Persons; Quality of Life; Communication Barriers; Orientation; Burnout, Professional; Inservice Training; Questionnaires; Aging Populations; Validation Therapy
5 Participation in an Educational Self-Care Program and Exposure to New Resources During Bereavement: An Exploratory and Descriptive Qualitative Analysis of the Pathfinders ProgramHornby, Michele2000Spousal bereavement is a stressful, grief filled period of transition occurring usually in later life. Research has shown one must be capable of assuming the tasks of the deceased spouse in order to have restored well being. This research examines the data of 84 participants in the Pathfinders Progr...Grief; Bereavement; Denial (Psychology); Adaptation, Psychological; Depression; Life Change Events; Spouses; Widowhood; Learning; Education, Nonprofessional; Self Care; Activities of Daily Living; Independent Living; Self Care; Self-Help Groups; Aging Populations; Aging in Place; Pathfinders Program
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