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1 Educational Programs for Older Adults in Salt Lake County: Filling the GapsMadsen, Erin James1998Interviews with 32 directors of educational programs were conducted to create a description of programs for older adults in Salt Lake County and its surrounding area, and to find aspects in common among programs with high enrollment. Program directors also shared their views on obstacles to the prog...Health Promotion; Retirement; Social Support; Education, Continuing; Learning; Activities of Daily Living; Community Networks; Recreation; Art; Socialization; Intergenerational Relations; Resource Guides; Aging Populations; Lifelong Learning; Adult Education; Optimal Aging; Older Adult Services and ...
2 The Emergence of a Postmodern Perspective in Gerontology: Possibilities for Restoring Power, Purpose and Meaning to Aging And the Potential Effect on the Generational Equity DebatesWard, Layla Knox1998This project is inspired by the following three books: The Joumev of Life: a Cultural History of Aging in America, by Thomas R. Cole (1992); Disciplining Old Age: The Formation of Gerontological Knowledge, by Stephen Katz (1996); and Crossing Frontiers: Gerontology Emerges as a Science, by W. Andrew...Social Responsibility; Aged; Geriatrics; Public Policy; Aging; Life Change Events; History, Ancient; History, Medieval; History, Early Modern 1451-1600; History, Modern 1601-; Postmodernism; Morals; Cultural Characteristics; Life Cycle Stages; Time Factors; Personhood; Perception; Philosophy; Aging ...
3 Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias: A Training Manual for Special Care Unit StaffPeacock, Kyle J.1998Alzheimer's Disease currently affects over 4 million adults, at a cost of care of over $90 billion annually. As the aging population increases, so will the number of individuals affected with this illness. Current services are inadequate, and health care costs continue to rise. The future will see a...Alzheimer Disease; Dementia; Memory; Long-Term Care; Health Services Needs and Demand; Health Care Costs; Cost of Illness; Caregivers; Adaptation, Psychological; Manual Communication; Activities of Daily Living; Consumer Health Information; Gerontology; Aging Populations; Coping Skills; Behavior Ass...
4 Consumers' Guide to Assisted Living in the Wasatch Front: A Gerontologist's PerspectiveFender, Michael Julian1998The field of assisted living is a relatively new component in the continuum of housing and health care for older adults in the State of Utah, and elsewhere. Assisted living offers a new alternative to older adults who are not comfortable living on their own, but who do not require the services of a ...Assisted Living Facilities; Housing; Life Style; Health Behavior; Activities of Daily Living; Health Care Costs; Delivery of Health Care; Consumer Health Information; Health Promotion; Resource Guides; Aging Populations; Optimal Aging; Assisted Living Care; Aging Services
5 Service Needs, Availability and Satisfaction Among Lesbians Age 40+Davis, Cynthia L.1998The purpose of this study was to examine perceived needs, the perception of unmet needs, and the level of satisfaction with service providers for lesbians age 40+ in seven life areas from three different locations. The research questions were: "How well do lesbians age 40+ perceive their needs being...Women; Homosexuality, Female; Self-Help Groups; Social Support; Personal Satisfaction; Independent Living; Role; Gender Identity; Sexual Behavior; Health Services Needs and Demand; Needs Assessment; Age Groups; Minority Groups; Prejudice; Civil Rights; Housing; Spirituality; Object Attachment; Aging...
6 Presenting Corporate Eldercare: Helping Employers Assist Employed CaregiversLarsen, Eve B.1998A presentation on Eldercare was designed first, to encourage employers in providing a comprehensive benefits and programs package to their employees who currently care for elderly dependants. Second, to determine the readiness of a business in Utah to provide Eldercare to those employed caregivers. ...Caregivers; Public-Private Sector Partnerships; Cooperative Behavior; Community Networks; Efficiency; Job Satisfaction; Family Leave; Health Care Costs; Aging Populations; Working Caregivers; Family Caregivers; Eldercare Benefit Programs
7 Salt Lake County Senior Medical Transportation SurveyZucconi, Merrie1998The objective of the Senior Medical Transportation Survey was to identify how people sixty years of age and older, living in the Salt Lake County area, were meeting their medical transportation needs. The three-month, non-thesis research project was conducted at ten University Health Network clinics...Health Services Needs and Demand; Needs Assessment; Data Collection; Independent Living; Transportation of Patients; Activities of Daily Living; Health Services for the Aged; Health Care Costs; Systems Integration; Surveys; Aging Populations; Transportation of the Elderly; Aging in Place
8 Managing Elderly Depression in Primary Care: How a Medicare HMO measures up to AHCPR clinical practice guidelinesMartin, Carol A.1998A secondary data analysis was performed to determine how a Medicare HMO managed elderly depression as compared to depression management guidelines established by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR). The subjects totaling 1958 ( 28% of the HMO patient population), were selected due...Depression; Diagnosis, Differential; Comorbidity; Aged; Medicare; Health Maintenance Organizations; United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; Cross-Sectional Studies; Gerontology; Aging Populations; Depression Management; Depressed Elderly
9 The Readiness and Perceived Need for Long-Term Care Services by Seniors in rural Communities in Southern UtahCornelius, Joy1998Because the older population is living longer and the numbers in this group are increasing exponentially, a change in the current structure of long-term care is needed. This is especially true in rural areas where there are even greater proportions of persons age 65 and older and the younger populat...Rural Health Services; Rural Population; Independent Living; Long-Term Care; Attitude to Health; Health Status; Health Services Needs and Demand; Community Networks; Activities of Daily Living; Health Services for the Aged; Transportation of Patients; Aging Populations; Rural Elderly; Aging in Place
10 Employing Older Workers: Strategies for Recruitment and RetentionHebertson, Peter1998The United States and Utah are currently undergoing the most dramatic demographic shift in recorded history. By the year 2020, the number of people 65+ is expected to double. This explosive age growth will impact every aspect of American society. Utah is also expected to experience an increase in it...Population Characteristics; Retirement; Activities of Daily Living; Employment; Education, Professional, Return to Work; Retraining; Career Mobility; Job Satisfaction; Ageism; Age Distribution; Older Workers; Aging Populations; Employment Status
11 Finding Direction in the Medicaid Maze: A Guide for Nursing Home Residents and Their FamiliesKnapp, Stacey R.1998In my three years of experience as a nursing home social worker and now a nursing home administrator, it has always been difficult to help families and residents understand the Medicaid application process. The primary purpose of this project is to make the Medicaid application process more user fri...Nursing Homes; Skilled Nursing Facilities; Long-Term Care; Medicaid; Information Dissemination; Programmed Instruction as Topic; Eligibility Determination; Dual MEDICAID MEDICARE Eligibility; Handbooks; Aging Populations; Medical Assistance; Medicaid Application Process
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