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1 Level of Knowledge About and Attitudes of Older Adults Toward Persons with HIV/AIDS in the Salt Lake Metropolitan AreaDrost, Marjean1996The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) epidemic is affecting individuals of all ages in the U.S. Despite the increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS issues in the U.S., there has been a lack of research examining the knowledge levels about and attitudes of older ad...Attitude to Health; HIV; HIV Infections; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Disease Transmission, Infectious; Health Education; Health Behavior; Health Literacy; Health Knowledge, Risk Factors; Attitudes, Practice; Educational Status; Data Collection; Questionnaires; ...
2 Lifelong Personality Traits and Interests of Alzheimer's Patients and Their Responses to Video Respiteā„¢Steiner, Karen M.1996The effect of lifelong personality traits and interests of persons with Alzheimer's disease (AD) on their participation in certain activities offered in long term care (LTC) facilities is not well documented. In this study, family caregivers of 11 institutionalized dementia (but predominantly Alzhei...Personality; Alzheimer Disease; Long-Term Care; Caregivers; Respite Care; Memory Disorders; Dementia; Professional-Patient Relations; Geriatric Assessment; Communications Media; Patient Participation; Quality of Life; Questionnaires; Aging Populations; Premorbid Personality Characteristics; Meaningf...
3 Utah's Medicaid Moratorium Limiting Certification of Nursing Home BedsMcFall, Dennis N.1996Following the expiration of Certificate of Need in 1984, the State of Utah experienced uncontrolled growth in the number of nursing home beds being constructed. This growth placed a strain on the state's finances, exposed providers of long term care services to potential financial harm because of th...Health Planning; Medicaid; Health Services Needs and Demand; Certificate of Need; Long-Term Care; Bed Occupancy; Nursing Homes; Health Services Accessibility; Reimbursement Mechanisms; Cost Control; Aging Populations; Moratorium
4 Creating a Successful Elderhostel Program: A Social Gerontologist's PerspectiveAntczak, Christie Ann Gardiner1996The coming century will bring many changes to the field of adult education. The Elderhostel program is trying to assist seniors in using their leisure time to learn more about themselves and the world around them. This paper provides a description and critical examination of the Elderhostel Program ...Aged; Retirement; Social Marketing; Education, Continuing; Self-Evaluation Programs; Leisure Activities; Life Style; Quality of Life; Intergenerational Relations; Cultural Diversity; Elderhostel Program; Aging Populations; Adult Education; Training Programs; Optimal Aging
5 Long-Term Health Care Administrators' Perceptions of Needed Professional CompetenciesAutin, Floyd S.1996The educational preparation that long-term care (LTC) administrators have received is thought to influence their professional socialization. This process influences the perceptions of LTC administrators which then influence their actions. The question raised by this research was as follows: "Does th...Long-Term Care; Health Facility Administration; Education, Professional; Certification; Long Term Care Administration; Professional Competence; Professional Socialization; Professional Competencies
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