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1 Moonlit mountain scenes [2]Imageuum_map
2 Moonlit mountain scenes.Imageuum_map
3 Snapshot of a couple.1931-09Imageuum_map
4 Snow covered lodge1932-02-22Imageuum_map
5 Men whitewashing a cabin in Brighton1932-09-04Imageuum_map
6 Night view of a cabin.1931-09Imageuum_map
7 Scenic view of a cabin at Brighton [5]1931-02Imageuum_map
8 WMC group photo on the porch of a cabin [1]1932-08-07Imageuum_map
9 WMC group photo on the porch of a cabin.1932-08-07Imageuum_map
10 WMC members gathered in front of a cabin.1931-07-26Imageuum_map
11 WMC members grouped in front of a cabin.1931-06-21Imageuum_map
12 Winter mountain scene [2]1931Imageuum_map
13 Hikers crossing a stream1931-05-03Imageuum_map
14 WMC members gathered around a fireplace.1931-09Imageuum_map
15 WMC group gathered inside of a cabin.1931-09Imageuum_map
16 Herd of sheep huddled in the snow.1931Imageuum_map
17 Long line of WMC skiers.1933-02-15Imageuum_map
18 Scenic view of a cabin at Brighton [6]1931-02Imageuum_map
19 Two women on skis.Imageuum_map
20 Unidentified man on skis.Imageuum_map
21 Couple posed for the camera [3]1931-05-03Imageuum_map
22 Women sawing logs from a cabin to create a doorway.1931-07-26Imageuum_map
23 Group of women posed for a photo near their equipment.1932-02-07Imageuum_map
24 Group snapshot of WMC members in front of a cabin [2]1931-09Imageuum_map
25 WMC members gathered around a fireplace [2]1931-09Imageuum_map
1 - 25 of 587