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1 Katie Lee kayaking trip, 1967 [01]1967Image/StillImageuum_map_rr
2 Katie Lee kayaking trip, 1967 [02]1967Image/StillImageuum_map_rr
3 Katie Lee kayaking trip, 1967 [03]1967Image/StillImageuum_map_rr
4 Katie Lee kayaking trip, 1967 [04]1967Image/StillImageuum_map_rr
5 Katie Lee standing in an old river bed in Glen Canyon, Utah.1962-10uum_map_rr
6 Katie Lee swimming next to a raft in the muddy Colorado River.1962-10uum_map_rr
7 Katie Lee on a raft on the Colorado River.1962-10uum_map_rr
8 Katie Lee wearing a hat and holding a small snake.1962-10uum_map_rr
9 Katie Lee climbing a sandstone cliff above the Colorado River.1962uum_map_rr
10 Katie Lee hanging a pair of pants to dry on a stick.1962-10uum_map_rr
11 Katie Lee pulling a raft through a muddy, shallow area of an inlet.1962-10uum_map_rr
12 Natalie Gignoux (back to camera); Katie Lee (in boat) Loading a raft for a trip down the Colorado River.1962-10uum_map_rr
13 L-R: Katie Lee; Natalie Gignoux; Leo Walters exploring a side canyon.1962-10uum_map_rr
14 L-R: Katie Lee; Leo Walters; Bruce Berger sitting on a boat on the Colorado River.1962-10uum_map_rr
15 Natalie Gignoux (left) and Katie Lee (right) resting and cooling in camp, Glen Canyon, Colorado River1962-10uum_map_rr
16 Katie Lee jumping on raft to make sure it is fully inflated; start of October 1962 Glen Canyon river trip.1962-10uum_map_rr
17 L-R: Katie Lee (in boat); Leo Walters; Natalie Gignoux loading rafts with gear during their trip down Glen Canyon.1962-10uum_map_rr
18 Natalie Gignoux (left), Leo Walters (center), and Katie Lee (right) standing in an old river bed in Glen Canyon.1962uum_map_rr
19 People cooking on the bank of the Colorado River near entrance to Hidden Passage. Katie Lee in blue shirt, Bruce Berger in foreground. Sunlight hitting a bend in the river creates a beautiful backdrop.1962-10uum_map_rr
20 Leo Walters (kneeling in boat); Natalie Gignoux (red sweater, back to camera); Katie Lee (in pickup truck) filling rafts for a trip down the Colorado River. Other man unidentified.1962-10uum_map_rr
21 View of Katie Lee sitting in a mining cart taken from inside an old mine shaft in Glen Canyon.1962-10uum_map_rr
22 Woman high on a cliff overlooking the Colorado River.1962uum_map_rr
23 Woman looking down to the Colorado River from high on a cliff.1962uum_map_rr
24 Woman overlooking a beautiful southern Utah landscape.1962uum_map_rr
25 Person holding a camera over a cliff.1962uum_map_rr
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