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201 Development and evaluation of an admission diagnoses encoding system1995-12ir_etdText
202 Technology Development Standardization and Evaluation in Pulmonary Medicine1981ir_uspaceText
203 UUSAC parking request 1993-19941994ir_euaText
204 A Computer Program for Stress Test Data Processing1974ir_uspaceText
205 Architectural synthesis of timed asynchronous systems1999ir_uspaceText
206 Collaboration in Clinical Computing at LDS Hospital1994ir_uspaceText
207 Computer Support in Critical Care Medicine1980ir_uspaceText
208 Down to the wire2001-01-01ir_uspaceText
209 Eight-Channel Data Set for Clincal EEG Transmission Over Dial-Up Telephone Network1974ir_uspaceText
210 Emerging Standards for Medical Logic1990ir_uspaceText
211 Enroute Toward a Computer-Based Patient Record: The ACIS Project1995ir_uspaceText
212 HELP - A Computer System for Medical Decision Making1975ir_uspaceText
213 HELP - A Total Hospital Information System1980ir_uspaceText
214 Improving Efficiency and Quality in a Computerized ICU1988ir_uspaceText
215 Integrating Radiology and Hospital Information Systems: The Advantage of Shared Data1992ir_uspaceText
216 Integration of a Stand-Alone Expert System with a Hospital Information System1992ir_uspaceText
217 Low latency workstation cluster communications using sender-based protocols1996ir_uspaceText
218 Notes on thread models in Mach 3.01993ir_uspaceText
219 Preliminary evaluation of learning via the AI/LEARN/Rheumatology interactive videodisc system1992-01-01ir_uspaceText
220 Pulse2000ehsl_pahsc
221 Real Time Data Acquisition: Experience With the Medical Information Bus (MIB)1991ir_uspaceText
222 Reference manual of impulse system calls1999ir_uspaceText
223 Standardizing Communications and Networks in the ICU1985ir_uspaceText
224 Temporally coherent interactive ray tracing2001ir_uspaceText
225 Test Ordering and Medical Decision Making: A Synergistic Relationship1982ir_uspaceText
201 - 225 of 659