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201 Letter dated 25 April 1989 from Bonita W. Wyse to Zilla Linford Richards1989-04-25uum_lrfcText
202 Letter dated 29 April 1985 from Roselena Sanders to Lorenzo A. Richards1985-04-29uum_lrfcText
203 Letter dated 1 August 1989 from Kerry R. Belnap to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards1989-08-01uum_lrfcText
204 Letter dated 14 August 1992 from J. R. Allred to Loenzo A. Richards1992-08-14uum_lrfcText
205 Erratauum_lrfcText
206 Inauguration of George H. Emert, Thirteenth President, Utah State University, November 16, 19921992-11-16uum_lrfcText
207 Postcards to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards, 1968 and 19691968; 1969; 1981uum_lrfcText
208 Letters of April 1966 to Lorenzo A. Richards, congratulating him on his retirement1966uum_lrfcText
209 Letter dated 15 January 1999 from Paul M. Norton to "Friends of Utah State University"uum_lrfcText
210 Letter dated 1 May 1989 from Jill C. Windley to Zilla Linford Richards1989-05-01uum_lrfcText
211 Invitation from President and Mrs. Glen L. Taggart to a Christmas reception on 5 December 19781978-11-27uum_lrfcText
212 Letter dated 7 October 1980 from Stanford Cazier to Lorenzo and Zilla Richards regarding the President's Club of Utah State University1980-10-07uum_lrfcText
213 Letters exchanged in July and August 1975 between Lorenzo A. Richards and Erma Valentine Jacobsuum_lrfcText
214 The Rate of elongation of sunflower plants and the freezing point of soil moisture in relation to permanent wilt1950uum_lrfcText
215 Report of the Subcommittee on Permeability and Infiltration, Committee on Terminology, Soil Science Society of America1952uum_lrfcText
216 Letter dated 24 July 24 1975 from Albert W. Marsh to Lorenzo A. Richards1975-07-24uum_lrfcText
217 Retention and transmission of water in soil1955uum_lrfcText
218 Sample retainers for measuring water retention by soil1956uum_lrfcText
219 Soil moisture1957uum_lrfcText
220 Salinity hazards1957uum_lrfcText
221 Some field observations with tensiometers (1)1937uum_lrfcText
222 Salt in soil1962uum_lrfcText
223 Radial-flow cell for soil-water measurements1962uum_lrfcText
224 Radial-flow cell -- further tests1965uum_lrfcText
225 A Soil salinity sensor of improved design1966uum_lrfcText
201 - 225 of 1,115