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201 Would Fight Flu with WhiskyParowan Times1920-01-28
202 Flu' Microbes Oil ScheduleParowan Times1920-01-21
203 Flagship of Pacific Fleet from an AirplaneParowan Times1920-01-21
204 Fighting the "Flu" in ChicagoParowan Times1920-02-11
205 Peak of Flu Not Yet ReachedPiute Chieftain1918-10-24
206 Judge Frees Man with FluParowan Times1919-01-08
207 Worse than FluParowan Times1919-09-10
208 Scouts Return Visit of FluParowan Times1919-09-03
209 Australian Wear Flu MasksParowan Times1919-02-12
210 200 Cases of Flu - at BeaverParowan Times1920-04-28
211 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluParowan Times1918-10-16
212 Advice to "Flu" ConvalescentsParowan Times1918-12-11
213 Uncle Sam's Advice on FluMt. Pleasant Pyramid1918-10-18
214 Worse than FluMt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-09-05
215 Peak of Flue not Yet ReachedMt. Pleasant Pyramid1918-10-25
216 Advice to "Flu" ConvalescentsMt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-03-28
217 Spanish Influenza Breaks out in North Sanpete ValleyMt. Pleasant Pyramid1920-01-30
218 Sleeping Sickness Result of FluMt. Pleasant Pyramid1919-03-21
219 Find Serum to Kill Flu GermsRoosevelt Standard1920-03-24
220 Spanish FluRoosevelt Standard1918-10-09
221 Theatres Help Fight ''Flu"Roosevelt Standard1920-02-25
222 Chlorine May Prevent FluRoosevelt Standard1920-08-25
223 Worse Than FluRoosevelt Standard1919-10-01
224 Advice to "Flu" ConvalescentsRoosevelt Standard1918-12-25
225 Guard Against ''Flu''Roosevelt Standard1919-02-12
201 - 225 of 1,172