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201 A dark slide of an Episcopal service in the candlelight [II]1976-04Image/StillImage
202 A dark slide of Episcopal service in the candlelight1976-04Image/StillImage
203 A dark slide of Father Liebler inside next to a watermelon1970-05Image/StillImage
204 A desert landscape [I]1966-08Image/StillImage
205 A desert landscape [II]1966-08Image/StillImage
206 A desert landscape including sagebrush and mesas.Image/StillImage
207 A desert landscape with rocks and sagebrush.Image/StillImage
208 A desert landscape with sagebrush and mesas in the background.Image/StillImage
209 A desert landscape. There is a tree in the middle of the image with sagebrush all around. There is a truck in the background.Image/StillImage
210 A doctor examining a young Navajo girlImage/StillImage
211 A duplicate picture of a personal altarImage/StillImage
212 A elderly Navajo man and a Navajo boy perhaps at St. Christopher's MissionImage/StillImage
213 A field trip to Navajo MountainImage/StillImage
214 A flag ceremony.Image/StillImage
215 A flag ceremony.Image/StillImage
216 A game of tug of war on Navajo MountainImage/StillImage
217 A green tent and a trailer on a camping trip1966-08Image/StillImage
218 A group of Anglo AmericansImage/StillImage
219 A group of Anglo AmericansImage/StillImage
220 A group of Anglo Americans at a riverImage/StillImage
221 A group of Anglo teengers who participated in a work group posing for the cameraImage/StillImage
222 A group of Anglos (WLP and group)Image/StillImage
223 A group of Anglos at St. Mary's of the MoonlightImage/StillImage
224 A group of children and a woman. The girl in the middle is holding a blue and pink cake.Image/StillImage
225 A group of children at St. Christopher's MissionImage/StillImage
201 - 225 of 5,384