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201 Exploring the relationship between career interests and work values as measured by the choices career information delivery systemPerson by environment fit is the most common approach used to support career decision making. In short, individuals learn how their personal characteristics can be "matched" to the occupations that correspond to those characteristics. Various career assessments have been designed to facilitate this...Career interests; O*NET; P-E Fit; Vocational guidance; Work values2010-08
202 Responsive mentor, transformative mentorshipLow-income, first-generation, and underrepresented undergraduates often have tense relationships with institutions of higher education. They enter college after squeezing through an academic pipeline that has weeded out many of their peers. If they persist into higher education, students must learn...Higher education; Intersubjectivity; Levinas; Mentoring; Relational pedagogy; Underrepresented2011-08
203 How undergraduate students of color experience multicultural educationOne of the stated purposes of multicultural and diversity classes is to provide students of color with positive educational experiences. Little is known, however, about how students of color experience multicultural education, particularly in the undergraduate diversity classes that are increasingl...Education; Higher; Minorities; Multicultural; Qualitative2011-05
204 Development of a positive aging strategy training protocol: a feasability studyPrevious studies have identified one strategy (forgiveness) as efficacious for enhancing subjective well-being. Despite the interest in forgiveness and its relationship with physical and psychological health, training in forgiveness as a positive aging strategy has yet to be examined as contributin...2011-05
205 The role of cognitive, noncognitive and career development factors in the academic success and persistence of traditional and first-generation college studentsFirst-Generation College (FGC) students are a growing demographic in postsecondary education. Approximately two million, or 39.3% of the five million students who have taken the ACT standardized test over the past two and a half years, have parents without a 4-year college degree. FGC students are m...First-generation college students2011-05
206 Effectiveness of behavioral treatments for the reduction of noncompliance: a meta-analysisA meta-analysis examining the effectiveness of treatments for noncompliant behavior in children and adolescents was conducted. Studies published in English between 1965 and 2009 were included. A total of 258 articles were included in the study; 179 single-subject studies and 79 mixed and between gr...Behavioral psychology; Educational psychology; Developmental psychology2011-05
207 Identifying factors predicting the math computation and math reasoning peformance levels of Latino elementary school studentsA cohort of 87 Latino elementary school students participated in a study to identify factors predictive of the math reasoning and math computation performance levels. Multiple regression analyses were used to determine which of the five blocks or combination of blocks were significantly predictive o...2010-05
208 Students of color in white-dominated college classrooms: an examination of racialized roles, safety and empowermentThis dissertation reports data I collected using qualitative research methods to investigate the racial dynamics that students of color experienced in predominantly White college classrooms. I used Black Feminist Standpoint Theory to analyze interviews I conducted with twelve students of color from ...Antiracist Pedagogy; Classroom as a safe space; College classrooms; Empowerment; Higher education; Racialized roles2010-08
209 The effects of positive behavior support within a district model of implementationPublic schools in the United States face challenges as they attempt to increase the academic achievement and social competencies of today's students. Many schools are turning to strategies known as positive behavior interventions and supports in a national effort to focus on prevention rather than ...School improvement programs; Utah; Classroom management; Behavior modification; Educational psychology2010-05
210 FBA matrix: a national survey of the effectiveness of a functional behavior assessment matrix in generating existing interventionsrequire additional programs to be designed. The sample was comprised of mostly special adult attention and obtain peer attention, academic escape, and social escape. identify modifying ABSTRACT Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), though mandated by federal law, is a time-consuming and resource-int...2007-05
211 The neuromagnetic brain activation patterns of induced compassion in advanced Zen meditation practitionersThe concept of compassion is complex, where religious and philosophical writings are abundant but scientific publications remain sparse. The surge in neuroscientific publications related to prosocial behaviors, spirituality, and Buddhist-based meditation practices has sparked a growing interest in i...Brain; Compassion; Meditation; MEG; Neuroimaging; Zen2011-08
212 An investigation of the cognitive effects of bifrontal electroconvulsive therapy in the treatment of severe depressionAlthough many researchers have examined the effects of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) on memory and cognition, few investigators have studied the neurocognitive effects of bifrontal electrode placement in ECT treatment. The current study was designed to examine the clinical efficacy and neurocogni...Bifrontal; Cognitive effects; ECT; Neuropsychological2011-08
213 The social validity of schoolwide positive behavior supports in Utah schools: a student perspectiveSchoolwide Positive Behavior and Supports (SWPBS) are being used in thousands of schools throughout the United States with many positive results, including decreased office discipline referrals and increased teaching time. While many of the benefits of SWPBS have been demonstrated, the question of i...Schoolwide positive behavior support; Social validity; Student perspective2011-05
214 Superheroes social skills: a study examining the effects of using an evidence-based approach to teach social skills to children with high-incidence disabilitiesThe current study evaluated the use of a manualized social skills program, Superheroes Social Skills, to increase the use of prosocial behaviors and decrease the use of aggressive behaviors for children with externalizing behaviors. The training was implemented by a school psychologist in a pullout ...Conduct disorders in children; Aggressiveness in children2011-12
215 Is "superheroes social skills" an evidence-based approach to teach social skills to children in a clinical setting? A pilot study examining an evidence-based program for childrem with autismThe current study assessed the Superhero Social Skills program as an evidencebased practice for teaching social skills to elementary children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in a clinical out-patient setting. The program consists of many research validated components, including peer mediation,...Autism; Social skills2010-08
216 Appraisal of the needs for an occupational therapy school in UtahThe problem of this study was to determine the need for an Occupational Therapy school in Utah. Statistical and historical data were gathered for the first accurately compiled and recorded history of the growth and development of Occupation Therapy in Utah. The method use was historical and survey...Utah1958-08
217 Testing the relative contributions of autobiographical overgenerality and instruction neglect to scores on the autobiographical memory testIt has been reported that persons suffering from depression tend to have difficulty retrieving autobiographical memories of events that occurred on a single day in their lives (e.g., "Last Tuesday night in the Student Union"), and tend instead to retrieve memories that encompass a category of event...Autobiographical memory test; Autobiographical over-generality; Instruction neglect2011-08
218 Integration of comprehension and metacomprehension using narrative text;sThe purpose of the present research was to investigate text; comprehension of narrative text;s at varying levels of comprehension and examine how metacomprehension varies as a function of the level of comprehension when making retrospective (posttest) confidence judgments of performance. Using Kint...Comprehension; Metacognition; Metacomprehension; Monitoring; Narrative; Reading2011-08
219 Social stories as a tool to help preschool aged children with autism spectrum disorders utilize self-regulation strategies to promote increased functional behaviorsA multiple baseline across participants design was used to evaluate the effects of Social Stories as a tool to help preschool aged children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) utilize self-regulation strategies to promote increased functional behaviors. Three children from a self-contained prescho...Autism; Behaviors; Children; Preschool; Self-regulation; Social stories; Storytelling2011-05
220 Factors affecting an individual's admission into substance abuse treatmentThis study was looking at the factors that predicted an individual’s initial entrance into substance abuse treatment. More specifically, this study looked at the influence between an individual’s demographics, preferred drug of choice and number of Interim Groups attended and how these...Substance abuse treatment2011-12
221 The impact of visual memory deficits on academic achievement in children and adolescentsMemory assessment can often alert practitioners and educators to learning problems children may be experiencing. Results of a memory assessment may indicate that a child has a specific memory deficit in verbal memory, visual memory, or both. Deficits in visual or verbal modes of memory could potenti...Adolescent memory; Children's memory; Memory and achievement; Memory deficit; Visual memory; Visual memory and arithmetic2011-05
222 A comparison of two schools with additional training in evidence-based practices to two schools without added training: effects, student outcomes, and teacher perceptions of skills and practicesThrough providing support with training, coaching, and funding, Utah‘s Academic, Behavior & Coaching Initiative (ABC-UBI) program strives to assist schools with the implementation of evidence-based practices for both positive behavior support as well as academic instruction. As an increasing numbe...ABC-UBI; Evidence-based practices; Positive behavior support; Response to intervention; School climate; School psychology2011-08
223 Parent reported concerns for toddlers with autism spectrum disorder symptomsThe current study sought information from parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) about concerns that they might have had prior to their child being screened for ASD. The aim was to determine which symptoms were most likely to be missed by parents, and which concerns are more likel...Autism; Parent concerns; Toddlers2010-08
224 Elementary teachers' science practice, beliefs, and content knowledge during and following a reform-based professional development programThis study examined patterns of change in the science teaching practice, beliefs, and content knowledge of 15 upper-elementary teachers from three Title I schools during their participation in a yearlong, reform-based science professional development program and during the year following the program...Inquiry science; Professional development; School context;; School factors; Science instruction; Teacher beliefs2011-05
225 The validity and reliability of the ninth grade direct writing assessment: determining its effectiveness in measuring English language learner student proficiencyMany national reports indicate that more attention needs to be placed on writing and the teaching of writing in schools. The purpose of this quantitative study was to, first, examine the structure of the DWA and, second, to use the scores from the DWA to examine the relationship between ELL status a...2011-05
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