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201 Blackwell, Deanna MariaStudents of color in white-dominated college classrooms: an examination of racialized roles, safety and empowermentThis dissertation reports data I collected using qualitative research methods to investigate the racial dynamics that students of color experienced in predominantly White college classrooms. I used Black Feminist Standpoint Theory to analyze interviews I conducted with twelve students of color from ...Antiracist Pedagogy; Classroom as a safe space; College classrooms; Empowerment; Higher education; Racialized roles2010-08
202 Todd, Abbey NicoleFBA matrix: a national survey of the effectiveness of a functional behavior assessment matrix in generating existing interventionsrequire additional programs to be designed. The sample was comprised of mostly special adult attention and obtain peer attention, academic escape, and social escape. identify modifying ABSTRACT Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), though mandated by federal law, is a time-consuming and resource-int...2007-05
203 Johnson, Michael ByronThe neuromagnetic brain activation patterns of induced compassion in advanced Zen meditation practitionersThe concept of compassion is complex, where religious and philosophical writings are abundant but scientific publications remain sparse. The surge in neuroscientific publications related to prosocial behaviors, spirituality, and Buddhist-based meditation practices has sparked a growing interest in i...Brain; Compassion; Meditation; MEG; Neuroimaging; Zen2011-08
204 Slagle, ClarkTaekwondo instructors' experience of counseling their students: a survey of Dojangs in the United StatesAnecdotal evidence from within the Taekwondo community supports the idea that Taekwondo instructors often interact with their students on topics of intra- and interpersonal concern. These interactions can be construed as informal counseling or informal helping. This study examines the frequency and...Tae kwon do; Counseling2008-12
205 Juretic, Meghan AnnPredictors of attrition in older users of a home-based monitoring and health information delivery systemThe present study examined the predictors of discontinuation from a home telehealth program designed to provide a patient centered approach to symptom management for older adult veterans. Data from 132 veterans were collected and analyzed through the Care Coordination/Home Telehealth program at the...Aging; Telehealth; Veteran2010
206 Codell, Jonathan DPredicting meaningful employment for refugees: the influence of personal characteristics and developmental factors on employment status and hourly wagesThe purpose of this study was to examine refugee personal characteristics and developmental factors as predictors of meaningful work for refugees 6 months after their arrival in the United States. This study defines meaningful work as work that provides an adequate living wage and is in a nonreme...Refugee employment2009-12-14
207 Springer, Benjamin JamesPromoting parental awareness and knowledge of schoolwide interventions through web-based technologyThis study examined parent-rated effectiveness and acceptability of a Webbased bullying prevention and identification program for parents of fourth- and fifth grade students. Participants included 60 parents and their children in the fourth and fifth grades. Participants were randomly assigned ei...Bullying in schools; Education2009-03-15
208 Humbert-Fisk, Paul CharlesNot keeping up appearances? Mixed race Asian Americans and the use of racial languageThere has been a movement to proclaim that mixed race (biracial or multiracial) individuals transcend race or bring about an end to race and racism. In the U.S., many people also believe that they know race when they see it and that race can easily be pointed to, defined, and labeled. This langua...Racially mixed people; Categorization (Psychology)2009-05-18
209 Belnap, Benjamin BruceEffectiveness and acceptability of a bully prevention program with and without video supplementsWith a growing number of children affected by bullying and an increased public awareness of the issue in recent years, bullying prevention programs are becoming more widespread in school settings. Student involvement in multimedia and technology is also increasingly widespread. Therefore, the questi...Bullying in schools2009-05
210 Hackford-Peer, Kimberly AnnMentoring the imagination: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning youth engaging and expanding mentoring in UtahThere has recently been a slow steady growth of formal mentoring programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. These mentoring programs provide resources, information, advice, assistance, and support to LGBTQ youth as they come out and develop LGBTQ identiti...Bakhtin; Mentoring; Narrative; Queer; Utah; Youth2010-12
211 Neumann, Edna Lee BishopJob satisfation among nursing-service personnelJob satisfaction is a concept frequently used in studies of workers in many occupations, including nurses, yet there had been considerable disagreement as to the actual meaning of the term. Studies of job satisfaction are marked by a general lack of attention in the exact nature of the concept, per...Manpower; Demographic Variables1972-08
212 Lee, JinnaMulticultural counseling competence and client outcomeThe purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between multicultural counseling competence and client outcome. Though the importance of multicultural competence is widely heralded in counseling psychology, a link has not yet been made between multicultural competence, as it is curr...Cross-cultural counseling; Psychology2007-09-12
213 Ostenson, Jonathan WilliamNavigating the digital narrows: teaching students to read critically on the internetThe use of the Internet as a source of information is growing, especially among young people. Reading on the Internet poses unique challenges as texts on the Internet feature unique organizational features such as hypertext linking and search engines that must be navigated by readers; multimedia el...Critical evaluation; Critical reading; Internet; Pedagogy2010-08
214 Skinner, Michelle D.Respect for life, the final gift: a qualitative inquiry into the experiences of first-year medical students in cadaver dissectionCadaver dissection has been a fundamental part of the education of medical students for hundreds of years. Since the 16th century, dissection has been touted as the premier method for educating doctors in training on human anatomy. Research in the field of medical pedagogy has explored the multiface...Cadaver dissection; Human dissection -- Psychological aspects; Medical students -- Attitudes2010
215 Smith, DarronExamination of how white adoptive parents racially socialize black/biracial adopteesThis dissertation was concerned with the efforts of White adoptive parents to promote enculturation and racial inculcation processes by helping their adopted Black children to develop a positive racial identity and strategies for effectively coping with racism. This dissertation study, drawing from...Ethnic studies; Race and racism; White racial indentity development; Whiteness studies2010
216 Harmon, NancyAcceptability of parent-child aggression in relation to child abuse potential and attitudes toward childrenThe current study investigated the association between the acceptability of parentchild aggression, as demonstrated in a new analog measure, and self-reported support for spanking and mothers' child abuse potential. The connection between the analog of acceptability of parent-child aggression and at...Child abuse, psychological aspects; Aggressiveness; Mother and child2008-05
217 Jedrziewski, Chezlie TresanInvestigation analog task of parents' attributions for child behaviorsThis study evaluated a novel analog task to assess how parents' beliefs of whether children acted intentionally were related to the potential of physical child abuse. The analog task utilized eye-tracking technology to assess attributions without responses being influenced by conscious processing, ...Parenting; Child abuse2009-05
218 Swindler, Charles M.The Effects of methylphenidate on the learning of paired associates by hyperactive children.The stimulant drug methylphenidate was administered in a double-blind placebo controlled study to clinically predetermined stimulant responsive hyperactive children. Using a paired associated learning task the paired associate learning rates of 12 drugged hyperactive children were compared to the p...Methylphenidate; Placebos Randomized Controlled Trials; Child1980-08
219 Juretic, Meghan AnnPredictors of treatment success for parents of abused childrenFollowing the disclosure of abuse, parents are an important part of their child survivor's recovery process, often attending treatment with their children. The present study examined the relationships between parent competence at termination and variables regarding parent demographics, environmen...Child abuse; Abused children; Psychotherapy2008-12
220 Merrill, Tiffany JoAging and lesbian relationships: strengths, challenges, and late-life concernsEmpirical efforts have slowly begun to explore the ways in which lesbian-identified women experience the many facets of aging. However, most research either conflates the experiences of lesbians and gay men or fails to distinguish between the experiences of single and coupled lesbians. This study...Lesbians2009-11-20
221 Watkins, Naomi MarieExamining text types in adolescent literature anthologiesGiven that one-fourth of eighth graders in U.S. public schools are unable to read for information with proficiency, the need for middle school students to be exposed to informational texts is of great importance, particularly as students need these skills in order to be successful in school and soci...Informational text; Literature anthologies; Text types2010
222 Gabrielsen, Terisa PoulsenSystematic, standardized screening for autism in toddlers through pediatric clinic visitsLack of systematic screening may delay identification of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), which may limit developmental outcomes of affected children. Pediatric clinics are logical screening points due to frequency of visits for immunizations, well- and sick-child visits. The American Academy of...Autism spectrum disorders; ASD educational classification; Autism-specific screening2009-04-10
223 De La Mare, Danielle MSurrendering to institutional forces: how white high school teachers' alignment with school structures prevents meaningful engagement with Montana's Indian education for allThis dissertation seeks to address the lacking educational research around White in-service teachers' multicultural education practice. I use Lawrence-Lightfoot's (1997; 2005) qualitative research methodology "portraiture" in order to illuminate the contextual factors influencing teachers' working ...American Indian studies; Critical multicultural education; Indian education for all; Tribal critical race theory; White teachers; Whiteness theory; Montana2010-08
224 Henderson, Ryan CReligious orientation and child abuse potential : underlying cognitive processes of religiosityDespite religion being implicated in perpetuating child abuse, little research exists exploring this relationship. Conflicting findings in this literature may be accounted for by cognitive factors or differences in religious orientation. The following study investigated the relationship among religi...Child abuse; Religious aspects; Parenting2008-05
225 Wrona, Megan ColleenProtective factors for parenting teenagers: measuring perceived quality of relationships in latino and anglo adolescents expecting a babyIn American society, adolescence is typically a time when individuals develop identities and increase their involvement with peers. Transitioning to adulthood becomes more challenging when teenagers are expecting a baby and taking on new roles and responsibilities. While research supports the notion...Teenage pregnancy; Hispanic American teenagers; Family relationships2010
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