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201 Boy Scouts Going to Jamboree1953-06-04ucl_vepImage
202 U.S. Highway 40 Association in Dinosaurland1966-01-13ucl_vepImage
203 Women at Refreshment Tableucl_vepImage
204 Chris McKinley Shows New Car at Basin Chevroletucl_vepImage
205 Woodey Searle1935ucl_tpImage/StillImage
206 Carter Service Station Fire2005-03-05ucl_vepImage
207 Carter Servicenter Fire1959-06-11ucl_vepImage
208 Carter Sevicenter Fire1959-06-11ucl_vepImage
209 Leo Thorne along with these women roll their pants to wade in the cool waters of this creek. People Wade in Creekucl_tpImage
210 Fern Dillman played the Prophetess in the "Queen Esther Opera" that helped to raise money for a library in Vernal. Fern Dillman in Opera1907ucl_tpImage
211 Vernal Airport1948-01ucl_tpImage
212 Clerk Stands in Front of Calders Confectioneryucl_tpImage
213 Uintah High School AG Club1939ucl_tpImage
214 Uintah High School Jr. Band1939ucl_tpImage
215 Uintah High School Band1939ucl_tpImage
216 Uintah High School Girls League Officers1941ucl_tpImage
217 Uintah High School La Masque Club1941ucl_tpImage
218 Uintah High School Junior Prom1939ucl_tpImage
219 Indian Artifactsucl_tpImage
220 Indian Artifactsucl_tpImage
221 Indian Artifactsucl_tpImage
222 Junior Livestock Show1976-06ucl_tpImage
223 Safeway Store Christmas Party at the Hotel Vernal in Vernal, Utah1954ucl_tpImage
224 Safeway Store Christmas Party at the Hotel Vernal in Vernal, Utah1954ucl_tpImage
225 Seminary Building Dedication1955-09-18ucl_tpImage
201 - 225 of 40,360