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201 Simulation study of gel pillow heat conductance2007-05Text
202 Patient satisfaction with prenatal care among three low-income clinics in Salt Lake City1977-06Text
203 Air pollution: implications for patient care--a survey of primary care providers1998-08Text
204 Parent-infant attachment: a study of parental attitudes and behaviors prior to adoption1989-06Text
205 Identifying perceived barriers to prenatal care among women of low socioeconomic status1999-08Text
206 Effectiveness of educational intervention on staff perception of knowledge and comfort levels toward educating patients on patient rights issues1996-12Text
207 Study of two definitive methods of fetoscopic ausculation1969-08Text
208 Study of the Lewis Q-sort1976-06Text
209 Discharge planning practices with hospital psychiatric patients1975-12Text
210 Discharge problems of long-term hospitalized psychiatric patients1969-06Text
211 Dying child: direct observation of nursing interactions1972-06Text
212 Women's interest in alternative maternity facilities1979-06Text
213 Drug usage in a self-medication program for post-partum patients1972-06Text
214 The effect of a post-partum exercise on perineal musculature1975-06Text
215 The effect of a psychiatric nursing approach during hospital admission with Alaskan native patients1968-06Text
216 With loving hands: the life stories of four nurse-midwives1978-06Text
217 Comparing behaviors typically seen in children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome, depressive disorders and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis1998-03Text
218 Pattern of the maturity of the neurological system related to a mathematical model of the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome1979-03Text
219 Study of self-report and performance-based measures of physical functioning1998-06Text
220 Psychiatric aides' perceptions of the nurse-patient relationship1961-06Text
221 Indications of insecurity among psychiatric patients and the relationship of these indications to patient preferences in nursing care1962-08Text
222 Paternal attitudes toward breast feeding: the development of a tool1974-12Text
223 Therapeutic benefits of writing: a case study with abused women1998-03Text
224 Content validation of treatment of hyperlipidemia in postmenopausal women (THPW): an instrument development study1997-08Text
225 Examination of the difference in motivation to attain social power in male assistant hospital administrators and female directors of nursing1983-12Text
201 - 225 of 601