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176 HELP/PATHLAB Integration - A Decade of Experience Using an Expert System Interfaces to a Clinical Laboratory System1985ir_uspaceText
177 Signal Processing for Computerized Spirometry1983ir_uspaceText
178 Pulse2000ehsl_pahsc
179 Detecting data variation in disparate perinatal clinical systems using a triangulated approach of data concept analysis, clinician perception study, and patient record review2004-05ir_etdText
180 Surviving sensor network software faults2009-01-01ir_uspaceText
181 Computer aided design1984ir_uspaceText
182 Neonate - a prototype of a comprehensive expert system embedded inside a hospital information system1990ir_etdText
183 Design and validation of a simultaneous multi-threaded DLX processor1999ir_uspaceText
184 Graphical man/machine communications: May 19711971-05ir_uspaceText
185 Utah Pharmacy Digest1983ehsl_updText
186 Valuing health information systems1999-12ir_etdText
187 New verification method for embedded systems2010-12ir_etdText
188 Evaluation of the impact of an outpatient computer system on personnel at three family practice clinics2000-08ir_etdText
189 OMOS ? An object server for program execution1992ir_uspaceText
190 The design and implementation of partnet1995ir_uspaceText
191 Practical advances in asynchronous design1997ir_uspaceText
192 A characterization of visual feature recognition2003-09-03ir_uspaceText
193 Practical advances in asynchronous design and in asynchronous/synchronous interfaces1999ir_uspaceText
194 Correctness proofs for device drivers in embedded systems2010ir_uspaceText
195 Message passing support in the Avalanche widget1996ir_uspaceText
196 The NSR processor1993ir_uspaceText
197 Technology mapping of timed circuits1995ir_uspaceText
198 Utah Pharmacy Digest1981ehsl_updText
199 Utah Pharmacy Digest1983ehsl_updText
200 UUSAC parking request 1993-19941994ir_euaText
176 - 200 of 656