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176 Empress Theatre Exterior1912-08-23Imagedha_scp
177 Ensign Knitting Company, Exterior1910-11-02Imagedha_scp
178 Entrance Arch, Gardiner, Montana1911-08Imagedha_scp
179 Entrance Shay's Cafeteria1911-06-08Imagedha_scp
180 F. C. McGuin, Self in Room1913-01-09Imagedha_scp
181 F. C. Richmond Window1912-03-05Imagedha_scp
182 F. W. Gardiner Company, Poster Department1905-12-08Imagedha_scp
183 Face mask order signage [1]2020-04Imageuum_uc19
184 Face mask order signage [2]2020-04Imageuum_uc19
185 Findlay's Patent Shower Spray, Dipping Plant1917-08-29Imagedha_scp
186 Findlay's Patent Shower Spray, General View of Plant1917-08-29Imagedha_scp
187 Finn's Cafe sign, dining room open2020-05-02Imageuum_uc19
188 Ford Auto Winner (Meredith Auto) in Hill Climb1910-07-30Imagedha_scp
189 Ford Auto Winners (Meredith Auto) in Hill Climb1910-07-30Imagedha_scp
190 Forrest C. Gall, Bear River Camp, Brigham City Main Street1941Imagedha_ccc
191 Forrest C. Gall, Bear River Camp, Brigham City street1941Imagedha_ccc
192 Forrest C. Gall, Bear River Camp, two enrollees with highway signs1941Imagedha_ccc
193 Fort Douglas, German Prisoners1917-08-27Imagedha_scp
194 Four Truckloads of Washing Machines1921-03-05Imagedha_scp
195 Frank Botterill, Sign, Exterior1914-07-02Imagedha_scp
196 Frank Botterill, Sign, Exterior1914-07-02Imagedha_scp
197 Frank Roueche, Mr. Paget Sealing Engine on Start of Seven Day Run1915-04-04Imagedha_scp
198 Freed Furniture and Carpet Company, General View of Exterior1913-05-01Imagedha_scp
199 Fresh Market grocery store sign [1]2020-04-25Imageuum_uc19
200 Fresh Market grocery store sign [2]2020-04-25Imageuum_uc19
176 - 200 of 615