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176 Unsteady Processes in Droplet Combustion Applications to Hazardous Waste Incineration1987uu_afrcText
177 Assessment of Incinerator Emissions During Operational Transients1987uu_afrcText
178 Laser-Based Techniques for the Detection of Cholorinated Aromatic Hydrocarbons1987uu_afrcText
179 Oxygen Enhancement of the Incineration Process1987uu_afrcText
180 Operating Experiences With EPA's Mobile Incineration System1987uu_afrcText
181 Development and Operation of an Efficient Cyclonic Incineration Demonstration System for Industrial Wastewater1987uu_afrcText
182 Energy Recovery From the Combustion of Wastes in the Multisolid Fluidized Bed Combustor1987uu_afrcText
183 PCB Trial Burn in a Modular, Movable Incinerator1987uu_afrcText
184 Development of an International Flame Research Foundation Working Group on Waste Incineration1987uu_afrcText
185 EPA's Proposed Hazardous Waste Combustion Regulations1987uu_afrcText
186 Fundamentals of Hazardous Solid Waste Incineration in a Rotary Kiln Environment1987uu_afrcText
187 The National Incinerator Testing Evaluation Program1987uu_afrcText
188 Dioxin, Furan, Particulate, and Trace Metal Emissions From Municipal Refuse Incinerators1987uu_afrcText
189 Incineration of Liquid Hazardous Wastes: Vaporization Combustion of Droplets of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons1987uu_afrcText
190 Fostering Innovative Technology Development for Superfund Sites1987uu_afrcText
191 Laser-Based Detection Schemes for Chlorinated Aromatics1987uu_afrcText
192 Emission Reduction From Waste Combustors Using Natural Gas1987uu_afrcText
193 Good Combustion Practice and Emission Regulations for Municipal Waste Incineration1987uu_afrcText
194 Development and Commercialization of an Efficient Cyclonic Incinerator for Wastes1987uu_afrcText
195 Incineration of PCB and Other Hazardous Wastes1987uu_afrcText
196 A Thermal Stability Based Ranking of Hazardous Organic Compound Incinerability1987uu_afrcText
197 Field Testing and Computer Modeling of an Oxygen Combustion System at the EPA Mobile Incinerator1987uu_afrcText
198 Pilot-Scale Testing of Nonsteady Boiler Waste Cofiring1987uu_afrcText
199 Initial Operating Results of Coal-Fired Steam Generators Converted to 100% Refuse-Derived Fuel1987uu_afrcText
200 Air Pollution Control for Waste to Energy Plants1987uu_afrcText
176 - 200 of 994