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176 Annual School Report for Southern Ute Agency dated 18871887uaida_mainText
177 Annual School Report for Southern Ute Agency dated 18891889uaida_mainText
178 Aricle Titled "Visiting the Natives" from the Deseret News, dated October 24, 18661866-10-24uaida_mainText
179 Army correspondence regarding Indians off reservation dated June 4, 18891889-06-04uaida_mainText
180 Army correspondence regarding Indians off reservation dated November 12, 18881888-11-12uaida_mainText
181 Army report to the Sec'y of the Interior dated June 15, 18871887-06-15uaida_mainText
182 Article entitled "The Indian Killer"uaida_mainText
183 Articles of Agreement and Convention dated 18551855uaida_mainText
184 Assistant Commissioner responds to Jewell D. Martin at Uintah & Ouray Schools1914-02-06uaida_mainText
185 BYU Graduate Ouida Nuhn Blanthorn's history of Tooele County entitled, Grouse Creek: Shoshoni territory, 20082008uaida_mainText
186 Bench Warrant for Tse-ge-nat, otherwise Everett Hatch October 16, 1914uaida_mainText
187 Bill for A Baron1859uaida_mainText
188 Bill for Corn Creek Indian Farm1850uaida_mainText
189 Bill for Corn Creek Indian Farm1858; 1859uaida_mainText
190 Bill for Fillmore Indian Agency1850uaida_mainText
191 Bill for James Forney dated Sept. 22, 18591859-09-22uaida_mainText
192 Bill for the relief of Jose Ramon Cordovauaida_mainText
193 Bill from Marcelles(?) Webb to Corn Creek Indian farm.1859uaida_mainText
194 Bill of goods dated May 17, 18601860-05-17uaida_mainText
195 Bill of goods dtd May 8, 18601860-05-08uaida_mainText
196 Bill to define exterior boundary of the Ute Indian Reservation in the State of Utah August 16, 1935uaida_mainText
197 Boundary Change Reportuaida_mainText
198 Brigham Young Letters: Franklin D. Richards1865uaida_mainText
199 Brigham Young Letters: Gunnison Massacre1853; 1860uaida_mainText
200 Brigham Young Letters: Jacob Hamblin1832; 1878uaida_mainText
176 - 200 of 2,188