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176 Enhancing marital happiness: the effects of religious attendance on infidelity, religious congruence, and spousal supportivenessNinety percent of Americans marry at least once in their lifetime; 40-50% of first marriages are dissolved. Divorce affects not only the lives of each spouse but the lives of children as well. It is important to study characteristics that improve marital satisfaction, as unhappy marriages may end in...Infidelity; Marital happiness; Religiosity; Religious attendance; Social networks; Spousal supportiveness2010
177 The entrance of Brazil into the United NationsThe Charter of the United Nations, signed at San Francisco on June 26, 1945, by the representatives of fifty nations, included as original members all twenty of the Latin American republics. The participation en masse of the Latin American states In the San Francisco Coherence and their subsequent a...Brazil; United Nations; International relations1950
178 Environmental Inequality and Obesogenics: Understanding the Relationship Between Unequal Exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Obesity PrevalenceThis dissertation investigates the association between exposures to environmental hazards and obesity prevalence. Building on obesogenic and environmental inequality research, this project explores the way in which exposure to a specific class of obesogens, endocrine disruptors, influences obesity r...Health sciences; Environmental Justice; Sociology; Physiology2017
179 Environmentally Induced Migration in FijiThis research is a compilation of ethnographic and ecological accounts of three rural Fijian villages that moved inland as a response to coastal erosion. Using Vunidogoloa and Vunisavisavi on Vanua Levu, and Narikoso on Ono Island, Kadavu, as case studies I show how: (1) communities are affected by ...Sociology; Migration; Soil erosion; Climate change2018
180 Essays on the Causes and Dynamic Effects of Oil Price ShocksSince the 1973 oil crisis, the causes and macroeconomic effects of oil price shocks remain relevant issues for academics and policymakers. Where do oil price shocks come from? How are they transmitted? What are their macroeconomic impacts? Which policies appear promising in helping an economy adjust...Economic theory2017
181 Essays on the indebtedness of U.S. households: a historical perspectiveThe main motivation of this research is to contribute to the body of work that challenges the mainstream approach to household borrowing. This contribution is twofold. First of all, in this research history matters, unlike in ahistorical utility analyses. This is accomplished by presenting data that...Economic History; Social Sciences; Financial Institutions2017
182 The european charter for regional or minority languages: conflict, resistance and changeFor centuries regional and minority languages, and the speakers of these languages, experienced a political and economic process of marginalization that resulted in decline and in some cases the total loss of Europe's diversity. However, the Council of Europe and the European Union have created a ne...Linguistic minorities - Europe; Language and languages - Political aspects - Europe2015-05
183 The european union and minority nationalism: a comparative study of the spanish and turkish cases.European integration has brought about dramatic and far-reaching social, economic, and political changes in Europe. Some of the consequences of integration have been unpredicted and unintended and have created something of a paradox. One example of such a paradox is the phenomenon of substate or min...EU; Europe; Minority; Nationalism; Spain; Turkey; Political science2015
184 Evaluating health and farming methods in burkina fasoThe Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region has the worst health conditions, on average, in the world. The reasons for poor health conditions for people in SSA are complex and vary at different individual, household, community, and government jurisdiction levels within this region. The majority of people in...2019
185 Evaluating the Effects of Snowstorm Frequency and Depth on Skier Behavior in Big Cottonwood Canyon, UtahVehicular traffic to the resorts in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah during the winter season can be heavy on weekends and mornings just after or during a storm event as fresh snow attracts a large skier population. Traffic congestion can occur given that the canyon road is one lane in each direction, wh...Geography; Recreation2017
186 Evaluating the effects of spatial resolution on hyperspectral fire detection and temperature retrievalHyperspectral remote sensing of wildfires combines principles of emitted radiation with advanced spectrometry to model wildfire area and temperature, as well as background land cover classification, at the subpixel level. Yet airborne hyperspectral sensors face problems of inconsistent spatial resol...Physical geography; Geographic information science; Remote sensing2011-08
187 Evaluation of fire regime shifts in boreal alaska through the use of sedimentary charcoalIn the field of ecology, regime shifts are often abrupt and catastrophic occurrences with far reaching effects on global and local ecosystems which result in distinct changes in the composition and function of an ecosystem. The boreal forest provides a long term stable ecosystem over the past 6000 y...Pure sciences; Health and environmental sciences; Earth sciences; Paleoecology; Statistics; Environmental science2016
188 Evaluative conditioning improves perceived taste of and intentions to eat healthy foodTaste preferences are a major predictor of eating behavior, yet few interventions have attempted to improve healthy eating by increasing perceptions that healthy food tastes good. In an intervention designed to improve both expectations that healthy food will taste good and its actual taste, undergr...Enjoyment; Evaluative conditioning; Psychology; Taste; Clinical psychology2013-12
189 The evans mound: cultural adaptation in Southwestern UtahThe information resultant from three years of excavation at the Evans Mound (42In40) are used to derive a prehistoric subsistence model for southwestern Utah. The model is based on paleobotanical, palynclogical,. and settlement data, and augmented by limited recourse to ethnographic analogy. The imp...1974
190 Event-related potential and oscillatory correlates of chronometric task performance: individual differences in anticipatory processes predict higher cognitive abilityWhile cognitive ability is reliably shown to promote performance in chronometric tasks, it is still unclear what the neural mechanisms of these improvements are. This study examined individual differences in anticipatory processes as a mechanism to reduce uncertainty surrounding the temporal onset o...2018
191 Event-related potential indices of a two-factor model of cognitive controlIn the current study, we provide direct psychophysiological evidence of individual differences in a two-factor model of cognitive control (i.e., the Dual-Mechanisms of Control). Participants differing in working memory capacity performed a high-congruency version of the Simon task that was hypothes...Cognitive control; Event-related negativity; Event-related potential; Individual differences; Working memory capacity; Experimental psychology; Cognitive psychology; Physiological psychology2010-12
192 Examination of serum cholesterol level and sociodemographic variablesCardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and Utah for both genders, and all racial and ethnic groups. Although many risk factors exist for cardiovascular disease, elevated total serum cholesterol levels are a major modifiable risk factor. Low income populations who have littl...Blood cholesterol; Blood Cholesterol - Social aspects; Blood cholesterol - Economic aspects2009
193 Examining driver's eye-movements and cognitive workload: an exploratory study using electrooculographyPrevious research has suggested a link between cognitive workload and gaze concentration. As mental workload increases, humans begin to stare straight ahead. If drivers' scanning behaviors are attenuated as a result of secondary in-vehicle tasks, then their situation awareness and their ability to r...Cognitive workload; Distracted driving; Electrooculography (EOG); Eye movements; Multitasking; Visual scanning2014-12
194 Examining factors influencing how individuals decide whether or not a behavior counts as "having sex"This study examined how people define having sex as a function of the specific behaviors (e.g., penetrative vs. nonpenetrative acts; whether or not orgasm occurs) and the context in which the behaviors occur (i.e., engaged in by self vs. other). Utilizing a more complex and sensitive research design...definition; having sex; intimate behaviors; orgasm; sex; Behavioral psychology2013-05
195 Examining priority of a risk as a predictor of photorotective adherence among individuals at high familial risk for melanoma following genetic testingAmong individuals at high risk of developing melanoma due to family history or a genetic mutation, 48% do not engage in the recommended photoprotection behaviors that would reduce their risk. Priority of risk has been shown to predict engagement in sun-protection behaviors, but the factors leading t...2018
196 Examining the geographic dimensions of risk perception, communication, and response during the evacuation and return-entry processThe focus of this research is the geographical and temporal dimensions of the evacuation and return-entry process (EREP). The return-entry process, or the movement of evacuees back home after issuance of an all-clear message, presents unique hazards especially in cases where an area has sustained da...Cedar rapids; Evacuation; Flood; Hazards; Return-entry; Geography; Urban planning2010
197 Examining the relation between respiratory sinus arrhythmia and depressive symptoms in emerging adults: a longitudinal studyCollege students are at elevated risk for depression due to the unique stressors of this developmental stage. Among potential biomarkers, there has been a strong interest in respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA), a measure of parasympathetic influences on cardiac activity. Research suggests resting RSA...Psychobiology; Developmental psychology; Clinical psychology2014-12
198 Examining vegetation phenology of Ugandan dambos using spectral mixture modeling fractionsOrganic Matter (SOM). Lacking O2, micro-organisms decompose SOM through anaerobic decomposition, which in turn produces CH4. Because wetland soils are continually saturated, the organic matter is decomposed primarily by anaerobic means, which makes wetlands the primary source of naturally produce...Vegetation mapping, Uganda;Wetland ecology, Uganda; Methane, Environmental aspects, Uganda2008-05
199 Experimental maize farming in range creek canyon, utahWater is arguably the most important resource for successful crop production in the Southwest. In this dissertation, I examine the economic tradeoffs involved in dry farming maize vs. maize farming using simple surface irrigation for the Fremont farmers who occupied Range Creek Canyon, east-central ...Experimental archaeology; Farming; Fremont; Maize2015-08
200 Explaining the electoral fortunes of niche parties in Europe: The winning formula: Selective opportunism?Since the 1970s, there has been an increase in the number of niche parties that are concerned with a specific issue or cluster of highly related issues such as minority containment/cultural protection and the environment in the countries of Western Europe. A similar trend is also now apparent in man...Election strategy; Electoral success; Europe; Niche political parties;European Studies; Political science2016-12
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