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176 7. Navaho man. 1913 Dr. Elliott, photo1913Image/StillImage
177 8. Navaho man and child. 1913 Dr. Elliott, photo1913Image/StillImage
178 9. Navaho belle. 1913 Dr. Elliott, photo1913Image/StillImage
179 A beige truck with a dog sitting near the back of the truck.Image/StillImage
180 A building with a pile of rocks in front of it. There is a silver trailer in the background.Image/StillImage
181 A building with only the bottom portion completed.Image/StillImage
182 A car in the snow at St. Christopher's Mission1965-01Image/StillImage
183 A car in the snow by the side of the road at St. Christopher's Mission1965-01Image/StillImage
184 A cat on the roof of St. Christopher's1965-01Image/StillImage
185 A close-up picture of St. Christopher's MissionImage/StillImage
186 A congregation at St. Mary's of the Moonlight (I)Image/StillImage
187 A congregation at St. Mary's of the Moonlight (II)Image/StillImage
188 A congregation at St. Mary's of the Moonlight (III)Image/StillImage
189 A congregation at St. Mary's of the Moonlight (IV)Image/StillImage
190 A crowd scene. There is a red, white, and blue banner wrapped around a stand. There is also a school bus in the background.Image/StillImage
191 A dark slide of an alter with poinsettas and a tapestry [I]1970-05Image/StillImage
192 A dark slide of an Episcopal service in the candlelight [II]1976-04Image/StillImage
193 A dark slide of Episcopal service in the candlelight1976-04Image/StillImage
194 A dark slide of Father Liebler inside next to a watermelon1970-05Image/StillImage
195 A desert landscape [I]1966-08Image/StillImage
196 A desert landscape [II]1966-08Image/StillImage
197 A desert landscape including sagebrush and mesas.Image/StillImage
198 A desert landscape with rocks and sagebrush.Image/StillImage
199 A desert landscape with sagebrush and mesas in the background.Image/StillImage
200 A desert landscape. There is a tree in the middle of the image with sagebrush all around. There is a truck in the background.Image/StillImage
176 - 200 of 3,377