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176 Occurrence of peak-experience at delivery: mothers' perceptions1977-06Text
177 The occurrence of peak-experience at childbirth: fathers' perceptions1977-08Text
178 Parent self concept change through a parent education program1978-06Text
179 Life experience of hospitalized adolescents associated with identified levels of depression1973-06Text
180 Levels of secretory immunoglobulin A in the saliva of children with acute upper respiratory infections1972-06Text
181 Life stress and cystic fibrosis1981-06Text
182 Mother-infant interaction during bottle feeding1972-06Text
183 Nursing diagnosis of left ventricular failure in acute myocardial infarction1979-12Text
184 Nurses' knowledge of positioning of the acute-stroke patient for the prevention of contractures1969-08Text
185 Nurses' perception and judgment of patients' behavior as a problem1966-05Text
186 Isolation of the secretory component of immunoglobulin A and production of a specific antiserum1975-03Text
187 Nutrition in pregnancy: a community study1980-12Text
188 Nursing intervention of mothers with premature infants1969-08Text
189 Nurse practitioner-physician joint practice criteria1979-08Text
190 Nurse-initiated telephone follow-up of postpartum women1977-06Text
191 Newborn nutritive behaviors associated with eating related behaviors at six weeks of age1977-06Text
192 Nipple pain and damage as affected by duration and frequency of nursing periods1972-06Text
193 Maternal posture, pelvic shape and fetal position,1979-08Text
194 Maternal-infant separation1974-06Text
195 Presurgical needs of cancer patients: a descriptive study2005-05Text
196 Publication productivity of a selected group of nurse educators from 1981 through 19911992-12Text
197 Descriptive analysis of two home birth services attended by certified nurse-midwives in Texas1989-06Text
198 The Relationship of preoperative preparation to postoperative recovery and satisfaction in patients with intervertebral disc disease1965-06Text
199 Women's self-report of experiences in the menopause1986-08Text
200 Involuntary relocation and life satisfaction: comparison between elderly residents of two rural Utah Communities1983-08Text
176 - 200 of 601