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151 Sentinels: A concept for multiprocess coordination1978ir_uspaceText
152 Data Driven Interpretation of Laboratory Results in the Context of a Medical Decision Support System1989ir_uspaceText
153 Profiling I/O interrupts in modern architectures1999ir_uspaceText
154 A correctness criterion for asynchronous circuit validation and optimization1992ir_uspaceText
155 Interfacing a Stand-Alone Diagnostic Expert System With a Hospital Information System1994ir_uspaceText
156 The HELP Hospital Information System: Update 19981999ir_uspaceText
157 Utah Pharmacy Digest1983ehsl_updText
158 Computers in the Intensive Care Unit Match or Mismatch1989ir_uspaceText
159 Computers in the Intensive Care Unit: A Match Meant To Be!1995ir_uspaceText
160 Medical Informatics in the Intensive Care Unit: State of the Art 19911991ir_uspaceText
161 Exploring the value of supporting multiple DSM protocols in Hardware DSM Controllers1999ir_uspaceText
162 Decision Support in Medicine: Examples from the HELP System1994ir_uspaceText
163 Utah Pharmacy Digest1982ehsl_updText
164 Patterns of noncompliance with recommendations from a computerized insulin protocol2007-08ir_etdText
165 Computerization and Quality Control of Monitoring Techniques1991ir_uspaceText
166 Development of a Computerized Infectious Disease Monitor (CIDM)1985ir_uspaceText
167 Computerized Patient Monitoring at LDS Hospital-An Evaluation1971ir_uspaceText
168 The Clinical Element Model Detailed Clinical Models2013-05ir_etdText
169 Personalized medicine2007-01-01ir_uspaceText
170 Computer Analysis of the Treadmill Exercise ECG1976ir_uspaceText
171 Patient education workshop on CD-ROM: an innovative approach for staff education2005ir_uspaceText
172 Language and Programming for Computer Input, Filing, Retrieval and Communication1971ir_uspaceText
173 The HELP System for Medical Decision Making1974ir_uspaceText
174 Clinical Linkages: IAIMS at the University of Utah1988ir_uspaceText
175 HELP - A Medical Information System Which Combines Automated Medical Decision-Making With Clinical Data Review and Administrative Support1985ir_uspaceText
151 - 175 of 656