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151 Tillman, David A.Using On-Line Coal Analysis to Optimize Combustion in Utility Boilers: a 10-yr Program at Monroe Power Plant2012-09-07
152 Londerville, Steve; McElroy, MikeConversion of Tangential Fired Utility Furnaces from Oil to Gas2012-09-07
153 Pedel, Julien; Wu, Yuxin; Schmidt, John; Thornock, Jeremy; Smith, Philip J.Large Eddy Simulation of a 15MW Tangentially Oxy-Fired Pulverized Coal Boiler: Ignitor2012-09-06
154 Colannino, JosephCombustion Enhancement Introducing Electrodynamic Combustion Control Technology-Colannino, Joseph2012-09-06
155 Jamaluddin, Jamal; Benson, Charles; Pellizzari, Roberto; Marty, Seth; Young, Thomas; Isaacs, Rex; Renk, JosephDevelopment of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Process Plants2012-09-06
156 Jamaluddin, Jamal; Lowe, Cliff; Brancaccio, Nick; Erazo, Jaime; Baukal, Charles E. Jr.; Patel, RasikOxy-Firing Tests in a Simulated Process Heater2012-09-06
157 AFRCCall for Papers2012-09-05
158 Schalles, DavidRegenerative Heat Recovery/Burner System as a replacement for Conventional Recuperators2012-09-06
159 Lam, C.S.; Ramadan, O.B.; Hughes, P.M.; Wong, J.; Lycett, R.Novel Methods for Measuring Heat Flux in Industrial Furnaces2012-09-06
160 Heat transfer enhancement in a cracking furnace: radiant coil modification2012-09-06
161 Ramadan, O.B.; Lam, C.S.; Hughes, P.M.; Gogolek, P.; Wong, J.Radiant Flux Measurements in the Pilot-Scale IFRF-NFA Burner Operating in a High CO2 Environment at Different Swirl Settings2012-09-06
162 Bodine, SteveSecond Generation FurnaceMANAGER System Improves Furnace Monitoring2012-09-06
163 AFRCAFRC 2012 Meeting Agenda2012-09-05
164 Dickens, BrianEPA Flare Activity Overview2012-09-05
165 Gogolek, P.; Caverly, Andrea; Pohl, J.; Schwartz, R.; Seebold, J.International Flare Consortium Flare Emissions Literature Survey, Dec 20092012-09-05Paper from 2012 AFRC Meeting.
166 Evans, Scott; Seebold, JamesWind Effects2012-09-05
167 Evans, ScottPassive FTIR Testing of a Ground Flare Burner Array2012-09-05
168 Boley, Troy M. Ph.D.General Overview of Past and Recent EPA Flare Enforcement Actions (and flare assessment techniques)2012-09-05
169 Jatale, Anchal; Smith, Philip; Thornock, Jeremy; Smith, SeanA Validation of Flare Combustion Efficiency Simulations2012-09-05
170 Panfili, R.; Vujkovic-Cvijin, P.; Tan, X.; Kennett, R.; Taylor, R.; Dothe, H.; Bernstein, L.Hyperspectral Modeling of Combustion Flare Emissions2012-09-05
171 Bussman, W. R.; Baukal, C. E.Environmentally-Friendly Flaring2012-09-05
172 Seebold, James G.Peer review of a report by U.S. EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) "Parameters for Properly Designed and Operated Flares"2012-09-05
173 Smith, Joseph D.; Suo-Ahttila, Ahti; Jackson, Robert;Smith, Scot K.Prediction of Plume Formation and Dispersion from Gas Flares2012-09-05
174 Al-Blaies, WaelFlaring Minimization Programme at Saudi Aramco2012-09-05
175 Zeng, YoushengWhite Paper on Multi-Spectral Infrared Camera for Flare Efficiency Measurement2012-09-05
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