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151 Using CFD to Optimize Flow Distribution in Gas Flare Piping2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
152 RANS vs LES CFD for Gas-Fired Combustion Equipment2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
153 Thermoacoustic Vibrations in Industrial Furnaces and Boilers2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
154 The IFRF- Past, Present, and Future2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
155 Regulatory Update for Refinery and Chemical Sector Flares2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
156 New Direct Flame Monitoring Technology to Help Operators Comply with Increasingly Stringent Flaring Regulations2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
157 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Based Flare Emissions Monitoring2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
158 New Damper Design Improves Draft Control in Fired Heaters2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
159 Industrial Boiler Troubleshooting2017-12-13uu_afrcEvent
160 Off-Stoichiometry Partial-Premix Process Burner Applications2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
161 Flameless Combustion Safety2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
162 Emissions Estimation Methodologies for Industrial Flares2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
163 Oxygen Enhanced Biomass Combustion2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
164 Hydrogen and syngas flares-comparison between experimental data and model predictions2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
165 Chemical Looping Combustion-Research for Power and Process Heat Applications2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
166 PM Emission Factors: Past, Present, and Future2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
167 Objectives for Optimizing Combustion Systems in Refinery and Petrochemical Applications2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
168 Achieving Environmental Compliance through Proper Destruction Efficiency of Low-Profile Flare Systems2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
169 Evaluation of Electric Power Generation from Sugar Cane Waste2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
170 Development and Demonstration of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Fired Heaters2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
171 My 60-year History of Fuel Dilution Technology2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
151 - 175 of 171