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151 Off-Stoichiometry Partial-Premix Process Burner Applications2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
152 Industrial Boiler Troubleshooting Discussion2017-12-13uu_afrcEvent
153 Industrial Boiler Troubleshooting2017-12-13uu_afrcEvent
154 Leveraging the Uintah Computational Framework for Commercial Simulation of Industrial Flares2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
155 Emission Characteristic Map and Optimization of NOx in 100 MW Staged Combustion Once-Through-Steam-Generator (OTSG)2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
156 Innovations in Flare Stack Design for Low Calorific Value Waste Gases2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
157 Large Eddy Simulation/Computing Needs2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
158 Flare Control under the Refinery Sector Rule2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
159 Flare Regulatory Update2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
160 A Wholistic Approach to Enable the Next Era of NOx Reducing Technology in Process Burners2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
161 Transient Ignition of Multi-Tip Ground Flares2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
162 Predictivity: Definition and Application to a Tangentially FIred Combustion System2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
163 Real-Time Measurement of Industrial Gas Flare Emissions via UAS Technology2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
164 Ultra-Low Steam Consumption, High Capacity Smokeless Flaring2018-09-17uu_afrcEvent
165 Identifying Sources of Thermoacoustic Vibrations in Industrial Furnaces and Boilers2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
166 Measurement and Prediction of Ash Deposition Rates for Air- and Oxy-Combustion of a Wide Range of Solid Fuels2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
167 Influence of Additives on Particular Matter from Heavy Fuel Oil Combustion in a Swirling Flame2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
168 Detailed Soot Modeling in Turbulent Kerosene/air Diffusion Flame: Sensitivity Analysis of Models Using Moment of Methods2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
169 Considerations when Designing an Optically Accessible High-Pressure Combustion Test Article2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
170 Better Fired Heaters Specifications Pay Off2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
171 Parametric Evaluation of ClearSign's Ultra-Low Emissions Duplex Technology2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
172 Scale Analysis of Pulverized Coal Combustion2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
173 Process Burner Flames: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly2018-09-18uu_afrcEvent
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