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151 Screenshot, Jag, Digital Drag Show2020-04-18Image
152 Screenshot, Mona Diet, Digital Drag Show2020-04-18Image
153 Rye Diner, closed sign2020-04-19Image
154 Palm Sunday mass, attended online2020-04-05Image
155 Wasatch Hollow Park closed [3]2020-04Image
156 Wasatch Hollow Park closed [2]2020-04Image
157 Wasatch Hollow Park closed [1]2020-04Image
158 Sinclair dinosaur wears mask2020-04Image
159 Drop box closed, Salt Lake Public Library2020-04Image
160 Sign for livestream services, Gospel Grace Church [2]2020-04Image
161 Sign for livestream services, Gospel Grace Church [1]2020-04Image
162 Family on hike, overlooking Salt Lake City, Utah2020-04Image
163 Closure sign, Salt Lake Public Library2020-04Image
164 Passover seder, FaceTime with relatives2020-04-12Image
165 Preparing Passover seder2020-04-12Image
166 Sign for heathworkers2020-04Image
167 Face mask order signage [2]2020-04Image
168 Face mask order signage [1]2020-04Image
169 Temporary curbside pickup, Jimmy Johns2020-04Image
170 Vertical Diner, temporary takeout sign2020-04Image
171 Temporary drive through sign [2]2020-04Image
172 Temporary drive through sign [1]2020-04Image
173 Essential truck driver, South Salt Lake, Utah2020-04Image
174 Customers in line, Costco, Salt Lake City2020-04Image
175 Shoppers wait in line, Trader Joe's2020-04Image
151 - 175 of 191