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151 Pathfinder in the Southwest: the itinerary of Lieutenant A. W. Whipple during his explorations for a railwy route from Fort Smith to Los Angeles in the years 1853 & 1854 [Excerpt]1968wwdl_nehText
152 Patterns of Land Use and Environmental Change on the Zuni Indian Reservation, 1846-1985: Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Evidence1985-09-30wwdl_nehText
153 People of the Middle Place: a study of the Zuni Indians [Excerpt]1971wwdl_nehText
154 Persecuting the Pueblos [Excerpt]1924-07wwdl_nehText
155 Piapaxa 'Uipi (Big River Canyon): Southern Paiute Ethnographic Resource Inventory and assissment for Colorado River Corridor, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah and Arizona, and Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona1997-06wwdl_nehText
156 Plight of the Pueblos1923-12-26wwdl_nehText
157 Plundering the Pueblo Indians1923-01wwdl_nehText
158 Press releases, Citizens for a Responsible Central Utah Project1978; 1979wwdl_nehText
159 Principales Speak1923-02-07wwdl_nehText
160 Public Law 95-280, May 15, 19781978-05-15wwdl_nehText
161 Public Law 95-280: An Act to direct the Secretary ot the Interior to purchase and hold certain lands in Trust for the Zuni Indian Tribe of New Mexico, and to confer Jurisdiction on the Court of Claims with respect to land claims of such tribe1978-05-15wwdl_nehText
162 Public Law 98-408, August 28, 1984wwdl_nehText
163 Public Law 98-408: An act to convey certain lands to the Zuni Indian Tribe for religious purposes1984-08-28wwdl_nehText
164 Pueblo of Zuni Land Status [Excerpt]1979-02-01wwdl_nehText
165 Pueblo Use of High-Altitude Areas: Emphasis on the A:shiwi [Excerpt]1983-06wwdl_nehText
166 Pueblos' Last Stand1923-02wwdl_nehText
167 Questions for the Bureau of Reclamation about the Central Utah Project, 1978-19791977; 1978; 1979; 1981wwdl_nehText
168 Red Man's Burden1924-01-16wwdl_nehText
169 Reexamination of the Concept of Hopitutsqwa, A1994-11-11wwdl_nehText
170 Relicensing writing guidelines, Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project, FERC NO. 6371997-11; 2000-12-15wwdl_nehText
171 Religious life of the Zuni child [Excerpt]1887wwdl_nehText
172 Religious Significance of Kolhu/wala:wa to the Zuni Peoplewwdl_nehText
173 Report of an expedition down the Zuni and Colorado Rivers [Excerpt]1853wwdl_nehText
174 Report Prepared for The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation2002-07wwdl_nehText
175 Research Notes on John Collier's Book From Every Zenithwwdl_nehText
151 - 175 of 254