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151 Clay FoxP1317 Clay Fox Photograph CollectionP1317n02
152 Clay Fox skiing in the 2006 Paralympic Games in Torino, ItalyP1317 Clay Fox Photograph CollectionP1317n03
153 Lou Lorenz and Sven Coomer of Solitude, circa mid 1960s.P0413 Alan K. Engen Photograph CollectionP0413n02_01_092
154 Lou Lorenz and Sven Coomer standing in front of Solitude's Ski School sign.P0404 Bill Lash Photograph CollectionP0404n37
155 106,000 spectators in Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway 1946 competition, (the first held there after the 5 year German occupation of Norway), including the Royal Family.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph CollectionP0994n021
156 "Homer [R. Warner] learned to walk at the old home. Here he is by the dining room bay window looking over the old home which we left when he was about 14 months old."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n168
157 "Homer [R. Warner]was born at the old home on 9th East. Homer at 6 months in the old walnut high chair that grandfather Stayner had given to Steve. It was used by all of mother's family and then by ours, Pug's and (?)'s. The Virginia creeper vine covered the back porch and the front and south side of the house."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n169
158 Homer C. WarnerP1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n216
159 Homer C. Warner as a young boy.P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n218
160 Homer C. Warner as a young boy.P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n219
161 "Homer [C. Warner] the football hero, as he looked when I first knew my "Pug" in Spanish class."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n226
162 "Homer [C. Warner] between the favorite maples to climb at the old canyon cabin."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n289
163 "Homer [R. Warner] home on leave from the Navy Air Corps."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n317
164 Homer R. Warner in a military uniformP1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n324
165 "Dr. Homer [R. Warner] at L.D.S. Hospital in charge of Cardiovascular laboratory and research."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n327
166 "Homer [R. Warner] on vacation serving as intern at St. Benedicts Hospital in Ogden."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n334
167 "Homer [R. Warner] in the Navy Air Corps."P1113 Grace Richards Warner Photograph CollectionP1113n335
168 Sun Valley, Idaho, 1948. Ruud Mountain Ski Jump. L to R Olav Ulland, Gustav Raaum, Alf Engen, and Kjell Stordalen.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n001
169 Arnold Kongsgard, Ragnar Baklid, Kristian Berg, Gordon Wren, Alf Engen, Harald Sandvik, Gustav Raaum, Harald HaugeP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n002
170 Pine Mountain Ski Jump in Iron Mountain, MIP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n003
171 Outrun and spectators at Pine Mountain Ski JumpP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n004
172 Ragnar Baklid, Arnold Kongsgard, Gustav Raaum, Harald Hauge, all of the Norwegian Ski Jumping TeamP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n005
173 Albert Oas (Aas), 80 years old, from Trondheim, Norway, traveled to Ishpeming, MI in 1887, pictured 1947.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n006
174 Ecker Hill near Salt Lake City, UTP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n007
175 Arnold Kongsgard from Kongsberg, NorwayP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n008
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