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151 Clay FoxP1317 Clay Fox Photograph CollectionP1317n02
152 Clay Fox skiing in the 2006 Paralympic Games in Torino, ItalyP1317 Clay Fox Photograph CollectionP1317n03
153 Sun Valley, Idaho, 1948. Ruud Mountain Ski Jump. L to R Olav Ulland, Gustav Raaum, Alf Engen, and Kjell Stordalen.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n001
154 Arnold Kongsgard, Ragnar Baklid, Kristian Berg, Gordon Wren, Alf Engen, Harald Sandvik, Gustav Raaum, Harald HaugeP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n002
155 Pine Mountain Ski Jump in Iron Mountain, MIP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n003
156 Outrun and spectators at Pine Mountain Ski JumpP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n004
157 Ragnar Baklid, Arnold Kongsgard, Gustav Raaum, Harald Hauge, all of the Norwegian Ski Jumping TeamP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n005
158 Albert Oas (Aas), 80 years old, from Trondheim, Norway, traveled to Ishpeming, MI in 1887, pictured 1947.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n006
159 Ecker Hill near Salt Lake City, UTP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n007
160 Arnold Kongsgard from Kongsberg, NorwayP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n008
161 Alpine skiers Rominger, Vallaer and Karl Molitor in Sun ValleyP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n009
162 Alpine skier Georgette Thioliere from France at Sun ValleyP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n010
163 Holmenkollen jumping competition 1958 showing Gustav Raaum as an official jumping judge in Nordic Combined competition, thus passing his international (FIS) judges test.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n011
164 Junior Class in Holmenkollen in 1946 was impressive. Christian Mohn was leading after the first round with an outstanding jump to 64 ½ meters, closely followed by Gustav Raaum from Lillehammer with 62 meters. Several of the boys showed great promise for the future.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n012
165 This shows the judges point scores given to the 7 best in Junior Class in Holmenkollen in 1946.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n013
166 The total score in points of the top 26 ski jumpers in Junior Class in Holmenkollen in 1946.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n014
167 From "Business Magazine"at University of Washington Business School, Fall 2002. Features (page 2)P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n015
168 From "Business Magazine" at University of Washington Business School Fall 2002 (pages 42,43)P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n016
169 Holmenkollen, 1946. Gustav Raaum, winner of the under 20 class, 62m with 18.5,18.5,18.5 in form points.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n017
170 Gustav Raaum, Jan Kiaer, Gunnar Sunde, members of the University of Washington ski teamP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n018
171 Bakke Ski Jump, Leavenworth, Washington. Back row, L to R: George Thrane (9), Art Tokle (91), Sverre Kongsgard (92), and unidentified. Front row,L to R: Art Devlin, Gustav Raaum, Wilmer Hampton, Kjell Stordalen, and Art Granstrom.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n019
172 Gustav Raaum, Bud Little, Jacques Bulterman, and Al Merrill, US delegates at FIS International Ski Congress in Athens, sitting in a"Taverna"P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n020
173 Gustav Raaum's second jump at Holmenkollen, 1946, 63 meters with 18.5,18.5, 19 form points.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n022
174 Gustav Raaum's first jump in Holmenkollen 1946, 62 meters with 18.5,18.5,18.5 in form points.P0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n023
175 Gustav Raaum, 1946, winner of Jr. Class. Photo protected by copyright, Knut Ed Holm. DO NOT COPYP0994 Gustav F. Raaum Photograph Collectionp0994n024
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