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151 Nichelle Lemon Passed First Birthday1973-11-15Image/StillImage
152 Benjamin Wilson Passed First Birthday1973-11-29Image/StillImage
153 Glenda Brown Awarded Employee of the Month1973-11-01Image/StillImage
154 Jessica Ann Wade Passed First Birthday1973-11-08Image/StillImage
155 Jason Maynard Passed First Birthday1973-11-08Image/StillImage
156 Vernal and Uintah Athletics Club Receive Booster Donation1973-11-15Image/StillImage
157 Uintah High School Named Cast for "The King and I"1973-11-01Image/StillImage
158 "Hello Dolly" Musical Presented at Union High School1973-11-29Image/StillImage
159 Sheriff Stewart Explained New Detoxification Center1973-11-08Image/StillImage
160 Lynne King Runs for Progressive Party1973-11-01Image/StillImage
161 4-H Achievement Awards1973-11-15Image/StillImage
162 Winners of the Frizbee Freak Tourney at Central School1973-11-01Image/StillImage
163 4-H Leaders Received Special Awards1973-11-15Image/StillImage
164 Ray Galloway Vocational Student of the Week1973-11-15Image/StillImage
165 Volunteers for People Program Organized1973-11-15Image/StillImage
166 Deanna Galley Joined in Marriage to Alan Watkins1973-11-01Image/StillImage
167 Elaine Holmes Joined in Marriage to William Anderson1973-11-15Image/StillImage
168 Larry Brady Officially Certified as CPA1973-11-01Image/StillImage
169 Morlin Buchanan Selected as "Teacher of the Year1973-11-08Image/StillImage
170 Morlin Buchanan Selected as "Teacher of the Year"1973-11-01Image/StillImage
171 Gerald E. Sherrod to Address Uintah Basin's SPE1973-11-08Image/StillImage
172 UNICEF Drive Raised $2001973-11-08Image/StillImage
173 Venna Goodrich Receives Banking Promotion1973-11-22Image/StillImage
174 First Security Bank Awards 4-H Winners1973-11-15Image/StillImage
175 Todd Elementary Celebrates Halloween1973-11-08Image/StillImage
151 - 175 of 12,143