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151 267a. Hopi village, Walpi, looking south. Vroman, photoImage/StillImage
152 268. Snake Dance, Walpi, Arizona. A.C.Vroman, photoImage/StillImage
153 269. Snake priest, Walpi. Vroman, photoImage/StillImage
154 270.(N-M.55). Snake dance, Walpi, Arizona. August, 19091909-08Image/StillImage
155 271.(N-M.56). Same as N-M.551909-08Image/StillImage
156 272.(N-M.57). Same as N-M.551909-08Image/StillImage
157 273.(N-M.58). Same as N-M.551909-08Image/StillImage
158 274.(N-M.59). Same as N-M.551909-08Image/StillImage
159 275.(N-M.60). Walpi, Arizona. Hopi priests entering kivi after Snake dance. August 19091909-08Image/StillImage
160 276.(N-M.61). Purification. Priests drinking emetic after snake dance, Walpi Arizona August 19091909-08Image/StillImage
161 277.(N-M.62). Same as N-M.611909-08Image/StillImage
162 278. (N-M.63). Same as N-M.611909-08Image/StillImage
163 279. (N-M.64). Snake priest ready to run from Mesa after dance, Walpi, Arizona., 19091909Image/StillImage
164 280.(N-M.65). Pack train leaving Ganado, Arizona July 19091909-07Image/StillImage
165 281.(N-M.66). Pack train leaving Fort Defiance, Arizona July, 19091909-07Image/StillImage
166 282.(N-M.67). Same as N-M.661909-07Image/StillImage
167 283.(N-M.68). Same as N-M.661909-07Image/StillImage
168 284.(N-M.69). Hubbell Parker, Ganado, Arizona. July 19091909-07Image/StillImage
169 285.(N-M.70). Professors Brinkman and Gregory, Grover Cleveland (Navajo), Ganado, August 19091909-08Image/StillImage
170 286.(N-M.71). Building raft on San Juan River, July 19091909-07Image/StillImage
171 287.(N-M.72). Same as N-M.711909-07Image/StillImage
172 288.(N-M.73). Gregory. Beautiful Valley, 19091909Image/StillImage
173 289.(N-M.74). Watering horses, Moqui Buttes, 19091909Image/StillImage
174 290. Little Colorado River, Leupp, May 1909. Stuck in quicksand. H.F.Robinson, photo1909-05Image/StillImage
175 291. Little Colorado River, Leupp, May 1909. Mendenhall, Gregory, and Navajo. H.F.Robinson, photo1909-05Image/StillImage
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