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151 Ryan, Robert SprangerStructure and replication of Euglena gracills mitrochondrial DNAProteins; Phenotypes1973-06dissertation
152 Li, Su.Structure of the HIV-1 capsid.Proteins; AIDS2005-08dissertation
153 Clemons, William MelvonStructure of the small ribosomal subunitGenetics; Nucleotides2000-12dissertation
154 Crain, Pamela Forbes.Studies of base modification in deoxyribonucleic acid by mass spectrometry.DNA; Ion Recordings1983-06dissertation
155 Johnson, Mark Stephen.Studies on NADH(NADPH)-cytochrome c reductase from yeast.Purification; Enzymes1984-03dissertation
156 Finerty, Patrick JosephStudies on a double-stranded RNA-binding zinc finger proteindsRNA; Xenopus1999-05dissertation
157 Wu, James, Tsai-Yuan.Studies on the Brewer's yeast D-glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase.Dehydrogenases; Biochemistry1972-08dissertation
158 Lang, Marsha.Studies on the charge isomers of superoxide dismutase.Experiments; Toxic Reactions1983-12thesis
159 Nesset, Curtis CarlStudies on the effects of potassium chloride on the small ribosomal subunit from canine pancreasRibosomal; Proteins1978-06dissertation
160 Morrill, Gene A.Studies on the intracellular status and localization of mouse pancreas ribonucleasesPurine Ribonuclease; Homogeneity1958-10dissertation
161 Hill, Douglas WayneStudies on the pathogenesis of experimental candidiasisCandidiasis1959-08thesis
162 Allison, Trenton BruceStudies on the structure of ATP-creatine transphosphorylase from calf musclePeptide Maps; Aminopeptidase1972-06dissertation
163 McMillan, ArmandStudies on urinary phenolic acid metabolites of norepinephrineNoradrenaline - Metabolism1958-08thesis
164 Chen, Young-ChangStudy of bacterial activity and ecology of Bingham Canyon mine dumpsUtah; Microbiology; Mining1968-08thesis
165 Peabody, David ScottSynthesis and binding properties of hybrid immunoglobulin light chain dimers.Biosynthesis; Biochemistry1981-03dissertation
166 Christopherson, Michael S.Synthesis and characterization of oligonucleotides containing 2'-deoxy-6-thioguanosinDNA-Protein; Anticaner Drug:1993-03dissertation
167 Phaneuf, Holly LouiseSynthesis and evaluation of novel hepatoprotective L-cysteine prodrugsPhysiological; Glutathione1997-12dissertation
168 Segal, David JayTargeted recombination in Xenopus oocytesGenetics; Biochemistry; Crosslinking; Homologous Recobmination1996-12dissertation
169 Jeong-Yu, SunjooTests of specific models of homologous recombination in Xenopus oocytesHeterduplex DNA; Molecules1990-12dissertation
170 Simcox, Judith AnneThe Effects of Dietary Iron on Hepatic Glucose Metabolism and Circadian Rhythm2014-05dissertation
171 Schell, John CharlesThe Identification and Function of the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Carrier: Lessons from Yeast, Cancer, and Stem Cells2016-08dissertation
172 Welker, Noah ChristopherThe Role of Caenorhabditis Elegans Dicer in Endogenous Small RNA Silencing PathwaysSmall Interfering RNA; Caenorhabditis elegans2010-02-17dissertation
173 Trettin, Kyle DanielThe Role of Loquacious-PD in Small RNA Biogenesis in Drosophila melanogasterBiochemistry2018dissertation
174 Bensard, Claire leBoudecThe Role of Mitochondrial pyruvate carrier in Tumor Initiation2019dissertation
175 Glazer, Alexander Namiot.The Sulfur distributin of papain and related studies.Biochemistry; Disulfide Interchange1960-12dissertation
151 - 175 of 194