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151 Unique Neurologic Sequelae of Penetrating Orbital TraumaNapier, Sharon; Baker, R S
152 Increased Intra-Abdominal Pressure and Cardiac Filling Pressures in Obesity Associated Idiopathic Intracranial HypertensionFelton III, Warren L; Sugerman, H J; DeMaria, E J; Nakatsuka, M; Sismanis, A
153 Asymmetric Papilledema in Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: Prospective Interocular Comparison of Sensory Visual FunctionWall, Michael; White, W N
154 Thrombolytic and Cytoprotective Therapies for Acute Ischemic Stroke: A Clinical OverviewFisher, Marc
155 Brain Histopathology in a Patient with Suspected Susac SyndromePearson, P Andrew; O'Halloran, H; Berger, J R; Baker, R S
156 Clinical and Radiological Analysis of NeurosarcoidosisRecio, Victoria; Chistofondis, G; Skarf, B; Sundar, G
157 The Duration of Visual Improvement Following Levodopa and Carbidopa Use in Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy (NAION)Lee, Andrew G; Johnson, L J; Krohel, G B; Madsen, R W; Orengo-Nania, S; Yee, R D
158 Primary Orbital Soft Tissue Extramedullary PlasmacytomaFelton III, W L; Sanborn, G E; Ferry, A P; Kay, S; Smoker, W R K
159 Enzyme Immunoassay Method for Detection of Bartonella Henselae in Nine Patients with a Clinical Diagnosis of Cat-Scratch Disease NeuroretinitisMartin, Timothy J; Greven, Craig; Wasilauskas, B
160 Graves' Ophthalmopathy Following HTLV-I InfectionBenes, Susan C
161 Evolution of Anesthetic Techniques for Optic Nerve Sheath DecompressionRamocki, John M; Spoor, T; McHenry, J G; Magauran, R; Shin, K
162 Pulsatile Peripapillary StaphylomaCordahi, G J; O'Halloran, H S; Baker, R S
163 Vascular Occlusive Lesions and Visual Field AbnormalitiesCaplan, Louis R
164 Prognosis of Visual Field Defects in StrokeDesai, Nayan P; Hammad, A; Dominquez, L; Sinder, D; Eggenberger, E
165 Cancer Associated Retinopathy Negative for 23kd AntibodyKeltner, John; Thirkil, C E
166 Neuro-Ophthalmic Findings in Patients with Presumed Toluene-Induced Central Nervous System DemyelinationSmith, Derek R; Frohman, Elliot M; Pless, Misha L
167 Common Radiological Pitfalls in Ophthalmology and Neuro-Ophthalmology PracticeWolintz, Robyn J; Cornblath, W T; Trobe, J D
168 Optic Tract Syndrome - A Reivew of Fourteen Cases with MRI FindingsHershewe, G L; Mcdonald, T M
169 Measurement of Reading Performance with Rotated Text to Evaluate a Potential Reading Strategy for Patients with Homonymouos HemianopiaCharest, Monique J; Jakobsen, L S; ten Hove, M W
170 Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Associated with Internal Carotid Artery DissectionBiousse, Valerie; Schaison, M; Touboul, P; D'Anglejan-Chatillon, J; Bouser, M
171 Physiologic AnisocoriaBias, Mason F; Rosenberg, M L
172 Eye Movements in Canine HemiachiasmaDell'Osso, L F; Williams, R W; Hogan, D
173 Enophthalmos Due to Metastatic Breast AdenocarcinomaLagreze, Wolf A; Kommerell, G
174 Comparison of Intracranial Pressure in Zucker Fatty Rats and Sprague-Dawley RatsFriedman, Deborah I; Ingram, P; Crabtree, P
175 Successful Treatment of Occipital Lobe Arteriovenous Malformations with Gamma Knife RadiosurgeryO'Halloran, H S; Baker, R S; Adkins, J
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