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151 The complexities of power in feminist multicultural psychotherapy supervision: a qualitative studySupervision is described as a central method for teaching psychotherapy, wherein licensed psychotherapy clinicians facilitate the development of supervisees' clinical capabilities and skills, transmit the values and ethics inherent in the counseling profession, address issues of client wellbeing, an...Feminism; Multiculturalism; Psychotherapy supervision2014-08
152 Severity and the utilization of services in a university counseling centerThe objective of this study was to examine patterns over time related to severity and utilization of mental health services in a university setting. Twelve years of archival data from a university counseling center were analyzed, which included a total of 8,623 clients and 83,095 sessions. Various d...College counseling center; College student mental health; College student severity; Severity; University counseling center; Utilization2014-08
153 The test-taking pupil: effects of depletion, difficulty, and threat on pupil responsivityPupil dilation measures provide a useful index of test-taking processes. Prior research has established a simple positive relationship between pupil dilation magnitude and (i) threat levels, (ii) task difficulty levels, and (iii) working memory capacity. Surprisingly few studies have investigated th...Cognitive testing; Ego depletion; EPR; Fear conditioning; Implicit processing; Pupillometry2014-08
154 Homeplace: unearthing and tracing the oral traditions and subjugated knowledge of a multigenerational woman-centered African American familyThe purpose of my research study was to examine the resistance approaches African American families used to connect members and groups to the historical struggle for equality in the United States. As the researcher, utilizing a bounded case study in -writing lives‖ of my ancestral grandmothers and...African American family; African American genealogy; African American women; Black family; Black feminism; Black women2014-05
155 Characteristics of adolescent and adult females with autism spectrum disorders and normal-range intellectual abilities: an exploratory studyThis study compared females and males with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and normal intelligence to explore sex differences in onset and trajectory of ASD symptoms as well as developmental tasks and social functioning. Personality traits were also studied, as was the presence of psychiatric prob...Autism2014-05
156 Active versus passive inhibition of activated information in long-term and working memoryThe focus of this research was to investigate the possible existence of an indirect inhibitory mechanism working on activated yet unattended information in long-term memory (LTM). There exists evidence in the cognition and memory literature, specifically the retrieval-induced forgetting and negativ...2014-05
157 Chinese international undergraduate students at a U.S. university: a mixed methods study of first-year academic experiences and achievementThe purpose of this study was to explore the first-year academic experiences and achievement of Chinese international undergraduate students in American higher education. To do so, I tracked a cohort of Chinese international undergraduates through their first-year at a public research university in ...Chinese international undergraduates in the U.S.; First-year academic achievement; First-year academic experiences2014-05
158 Effects of a psychoeducational group on siblings of children with autism spectrum disordersThe current study evaluated the effectiveness of a program developed for siblings of children with autism spectrum disorder. A total of 26 target siblings and their families participated in this study. The target siblings participated in a weekly, 2-hour intervention program, Siblings Helping Siblin...Siblings; Autism; Educational psychology; Clinical psychology; Individual & family studies2014-05
159 A critical case study of peer mediation at an alternative high schoolAt the crossroad of peer mediation and alternative education, discursive and structural tensions emerge. Through critical discourse analysis of student discourse at one alternative school, the examination of the practice of peer mediation within the context of alternative schooling is centralized. S...Alternative; Conflict; Education; Mediation; Negotiation; Peer2014-05
160 The status of geography instruction in the secondary schools of UtahGeography as a school subject has been In the curriculum in soma form or another ever since the time of the Greek scholars. The subject has evolved from these ancient times to the present day in somewhat the same manner as other subjects. In America this evolution continued, until today me have a su...1948
161 The soul of leadership: African American students' experiences in historically black and predominantly white organizationsThis study addresses African American students' leadership experiences at predominantly White institutions. Findings indicated participants utilized servant leadership in historically Black organizations and transformational leadership in predominantly White organizations. The differences displayed ...African American; Leadership2013-12
162 The singular power of our repeated preformances of raceThis dissertation examines race as cultural identity and specifically what is produced and legitimated when race is expressed on the surface of the body through our daily discourses and repeated performances of those discourses. The framework defines identity as daily and repeated communicative, lin...Bakhtin; Performance; Performativity; Race2013-12
163 A study of international undergraduate students taking online courses: group and organizational socialization theory and sense of belonging/isolationPurpose: This study sought to (1) identify and describe the experiences of international students participating in U.S. cohort- and text-based asynchronous online courses and to 2) analyze perceptions of belonging/isolation within online environments through group and organizational socialization th...International students; Online education; Socialization theory2013-12
164 Foundations for a lifetime: a qualitative inquiry into the recollection, reconstruction and meaning-making process of cadaver dissectionCadaver dissection has been a central part of the education of medical professionals for centuries. Throughout that time, anatomists have claimed that dissection is a learning experience rich with life lessons encompassing more than simply gross anatomy. Yet, no published empirical data exist of the...Anatomy; Cadaver; Dissection; Longitudinal; Medical education; Qualitative2013-08
165 Assessing demographic and schoolwide positive behavior support factors that predict disproportional trends in office disciplinary referalsSeveral studies identify inequitable educational outcomes for students from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. For example, when compared to White/Caucasian students, such students are more likely to be disciplined in school settings. School-wide positive behavior support (SWPBS) is a...Disproportionality; Office discipline referals; Problem behavior; Schoolwide positive behavior support; Systemic racism2013-08
166 Government accountability reports and public education policy: studying political actors' decision-makingThis study asks how government accountability reports are used to influence public education policy. Government accountability reports, called "audits" in Utah, prove to be useful tools for examining education policy. Using a collective case study design examining Utah's Class Size Reduction (CSR) p...Class-size reduction; Education policy; Government accountability report; Political actors2013-08
167 Gender disparity in engineering fields: an analysis of historic data, and school counselors' knowledge, values and attitudesThis dissertation investigates the gender disparity in the engineering related fields through three studies. The first study investigates the role of interest in the gender disparity through ACT data over a 30 year period. This study indicated that female interest in engineering related fields has c...Engineering fields; Gender; Gender disparity; Interest; School counselor; Values2013-08
168 Out of sight, out of mind? Inferring antecedents without anaphorsThree experiments were conducted to explore the nature of information that becomes activated during anaphor resolution when the anaphor is weak. A number of factors have been shown to influence the reactivation of antecedent information during reading, including semantic overlap and contextual suppo...2013-08
169 Connection as central: exploring the meaning of social justice activism for sexual minority women and transgender individualsFeminist multicultural therapists assert that contextual factors, such as oppression and discrimination, contribute to psychological distress, limited access to resources and information, as well as social isolation. They suggest that participation in social justice activism contributes to psycholog...Activism; Bisexual; Lesbian; Queer; Social justice; Transgender2013-08
170 Mental health counselor trainees' social justice identity development due to social justice-oriented practicum training: possibilities for change in self and the worldMental health professionals are in a unique position to understand the effect of social injustices on individuals and groups in society. Furthermore, counselors can intervene to disrupt injustices and promote social justice. Scholars have suggested that providing social justice training to graduate ...Feminist multicultural training; Practicum training; Psychology training; Social justice; Trainee development2013-08
171 Documenting the implementation and effects of positive behavior support in an alternative educational settingPositive behavior support (PBS) is a preventative and proactive system of managing behavior that is being used in the United States and other countries. Positive behavior support has been successfully implemented in typical school settings for students with and without disabilities. However, researc...Alternative education; Applied behavior analysis; Behavior intervention; Juvenile justice; Positive behavior support2013-08
172 The influence of measurement context on veterans' consistency in reporting posttraumatic stress disorder and postconcussive symptomsWithin the Veterans Affairs Health Care System, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is routinely assessed in both mental health settings, including PTSD specialty clinics, and medical settings such as polytrauma clinics. To date, no empirical studies have been published that investigate the influen...Assessment; Polytrauma; Postconcussive symptoms; Posttraumatic stress disorder; Traumatic brain injury; Veterans2013-08
173 English language learner preschool students with bilingual versus monolingual teachers: early literacy outcomesThe student population in the United States is diversifying. With larger numbers of English language learners (ELLs), schools across the nation are struggling to meet their academic needs. The current study looked at retrospective data from an Early Reading First preschool program to measure the imp...Early Literacy; English Language Learner; Preschool; Teachers; English as a Second Language; Early childhood education; Educational psychology; Hispanic American studies2013-05
174 Selected psychometric properties of the Outcome Questionnaire-45 in an older adult populationThe Outcome Questionnaire 45 (OQ-45), a 45-item self-report measure of psychological distress, was examined for internal consistency, test-retest reliability, concurrent validity, and construct validity in a sample of adults age 60 years and older. Sixty-six community volunteers recruited from local...Assessment; Older Adults; Outcomes; Psychometric2013-05
175 Using masculinity socialization to explain gay, bisexual, and heterosexual men's sexual self-schemasThis research describes the male sexual self-schema, or the way men conceptualize their sexual identity. The study uses as its basis Brooks' five-theme description of heterosexual male sexuality referred to as "The Centerfold Syndrome," namely, voyeurism, objectification, the need for validation, tr...Gender; Masculinity; Men; Sex; Sexuality; Sexual self-schema2013-05
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