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151 Unidentified bird harassing Sandhill Crane (100515)uu_wssSound
152 Unidentified mammal sniffing microphone 090325uu_wssSound
153 Unidentified small rodent (vocalizations)uu_wssSound
154 Western Mastiff Bat search calluu_wssSound
155 White-crowned Sparrow crystalized song 1uu_wssSound
156 White-crowned Sparrow plastic song 1uu_wssSound
157 White-crowned Sparrow plastic song 2uu_wssSound
158 White-crowned Sparrow plastic song 3uu_wssSound
159 White-crowned Sparrow subsong 1uu_wssSound
160 White-crowned Sparrow subsong 2uu_wssSound
161 Yellow-headed parrots with red-crowned parrots 110203uu_wssSound
162 Yellowstone National Park: Blacktail Ponds 090528uu_wssSound
163 Yellowstone National Park: Coyotes and birds in the Hayden Valley (extended) 090529uu_wssSound
164 Yellowstone National Park: Dragon's Mouth Spring (extended) 090529uu_wssSound
165 Yellowstone National Park: Mud Volcano 090528uu_wssSound
166 Yellowstone National Park: Predawn in the Hayden Valley 090529uu_wssSound
167 Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone River in the Hayden Valley 090529uu_wssSound
168 Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone River near pine trees 090529uu_wssSound
169 Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, Utah 090714uu_wssSound
170 Antelope Island at Bridger Bay (100506)uu_wssSound
171 Beach cove in Northern California (100203)uu_wssSound
172 Beaver Dam Creek (100409)uu_wssSound
173 Beaver Dam Wash at night (100408)uu_wssSound
174 Beaver Dam Wash at sunrise (100409)uu_wssSound
175 Beaver Dam Wash near cottonwoods (100408) 1uu_wssSound
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