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126 Of the visual area of the cerebral cortex and its relation to eye movements by Munk -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
127 On Dilation of the Pupil from Cerebral Stimulation by Parsons -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
128 On Dilation of the Pupil from Stimulation of the Cortex Cerebri by Parsons -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
129 On Dilation of the Pupil from Stimulation of the Cortex Cerebri by Parsons -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
130 On the Imbibition of the Human Iris Stroma with the Aqueous Humour by Gregersen -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
131 On the Pathogenetic Role of Histamine and the Vascular Apparatus in Certain Forms of Headache by Dalsgaard and Nielsen -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
132 Ophthalmic Presentations of Cluster Headache by Curran -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
133 Ophthalmoplegie mit periodischer unwillkuerlicher Hebung und Senkung des oberen Lides, paralytischer Ophthalmie, und einer eigenartigen optischen Illusion by von Bechterew -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
134 Organization of Card FileImageehsl_novel_iel
135 Paratrigeminal Paralysis of the Oculo-Pupillary Sympathetic by Raeder -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
136 Pericarotid Syndrome by Vivayan and Watson -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
137 Periodic Migrainous Neuralgia by Ball and Walton -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
138 Prophylactic and Other Treatment for 'Histaminic,' 'Cluster,' or 'Limited' Variant of Migraine by Schiller -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
139 Pupillary Phenomena and Mechanical Changes in the Iris of the Living Rabbit by Abrams -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
140 Pupillary Tyramine Test: Its Diagnostic Relevance in Cluster Headache by Fanciullacci et al-- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
141 Pupillary and Other Responses from Stimulation of the Frontal Cortex and Basal Telencephalon of the Cat by Hodes & Magoun -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
142 Pupillenreactions-prufer by v. Fragstein & Kempner -- Illustrations and AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
143 Pupillodilator pathways in the brain stem of the cat: anatomical and electrophysiological identification of a central autonomic pathway by Loewy, Araujo, and Kerr -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
144 Pupils in Cerebral Blindness1976-02-20Textehsl_novel_fbw
145 Pupils in optic tract lesions.1983-09Textehsl_novel_jno
146 Raeder's Benign Paratrigeminal Syndrome by Fisher -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
147 Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome by Boniuk and Schlezinger -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
148 Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome by Cohen et al -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
149 Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome by Minton and Bounds -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
150 Raeder's Paratrigeminal Syndrome. A Benign Disorder, Possibly a Complication of Migraine by Ford and Walsh -- AnnotationsImageehsl_novel_iel
126 - 150 of 246